Teen Blames Hot Wings for Why He Was Driving Over 100 MPH.

Cops could not believe their ears when they heard a Canadian teenager's excuse for driving at 105 mph.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Manitoba pulled over a teenager in a red Chevrolet Camaro Thursday for speeding. When pulled over, the 16-year-old said he had eaten too many hot wings and was in desperate need of a bathroom. The highest speed limit in Manitoba is 110 kph, which is about 68 mph. The police were so stunned by not only the speed but also the excuse that they posted the story on Facebook showing a photo of the kilometres per hour they clocked the car at. The police also wrote a warning to all drivers: “Absolutely #noexcuses for that kind of speed.”The teenager was fined $966 Canadian dollars for speeding and an additional $203 Canadian dollars for driving without a supervising driver. That translates to $881 in American dollars in fines.