Video Of Toddler Having Full Conversation With Her Dad Goes Viral.

Having a conversation with a baby or toddler can usually be a bit one-sided, and you often have to communicate in a ridiculous, high-pitched voice while waggling your arms around to try and maintain their attention only for the child to offer nothing but pure apathy in return.
But this dad didn't have to try quite so hard with his kid, managing to have a good ol' chinwag with her while watching TV. It looks - and sounds - so natural that they could be two old mates catching up over a cold beer, although if you listen closely, you soon realise the young toddler is speaking complete gobbledegook. Shanieke Pryor - who lives in Clarksville, Tennesee - filmed her other half Deztin chatting away to their daughter Kingston and shared the hilarious exchange on Facebook, writing: "Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad."Sure, the actual content of what the kid is saying might be a little off, but that intonation is spot-on - as are the facial expressions and gestures, pointing at the TV and nodding along in agreement at all the right times.
And her dad doesn't miss a beat, chipping in with quips like: "They need to work on that, right?" and "That's what I was wondering because I don't know what they are going to do next season."At the end of the video, her dad says: "We think a lot alike."Social media users commented to say how 'cute' it was to see the two bonding. One person wrote: "This is too cute! Love the fact that [they are] spending quality time together!"Someone else said: "Cutest thing ever! I love this!"A third agreed: "Love this. Soooo cute."Another person commented: "Not for nothing but I really needed the rest of this conversation. I feel like I'm missing out."Even a certain Captain America was impressed, as actor Chris Evans tweeted the footage with the caption: "I could've watched an hour of this."