Woman Marries Man She Only Met Online 10 Months Ago, Discovers He’s a Millionaire.

A couple had only known each other for 10 months when they decided to get married.

The woman would later discover he’s a millionaire but she was certainly marrying him for love! A Vietnamese woman named Nguyen Van Anh has a successful career after graduating from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, but she felt that there was something missing in her life. Though the Van Anh certainly looks gorgeous and has a lot of suitors, she never really liked any of her admirers. For most of her life, Van Anh was single. Sometime in May, she was just looking through photos of her idol on Facebook when she noticed a man in the background. The photo of the man was vague yet she saw something in him that made her message her idol, asking to be introduced to this guy.
Surprisingly, the idol gave in to the request and connected the two.
The guy, Dang Tuan, messaged Van Anh and admitted he wasn’t really close to her idol but was told about her request. The two felt easily comfortable chatting with each other, with a romance quickly blossoming online.
But Tuan wasn’t really one to talk about his achievements; though Van Anh knew he was based in Russia. By November, the two were already an official item – and 10 months after they first met online, Tuan asked Van Anh to marry him. As crazy as it sounds, Van Anh agreed! She doesn’t know everything about him and they have not even met in person but she felt that he was her soulmate. Despite the long-distance relationship, she was certain she was deeply in love with him. Understandably, Van Anh’s parents disapproved of the couple’s plan. They wanted only the best for their daughter and were afraid that this guy was not who he appeared to be. They didn’t want their daughter to get deeply hurt, especially because she had only known him for less than a year – and only online at that! Tuan flew to Vietnam and did his best to prove to Van Anh’s parents that he was serious about marrying their daughter. Without any money involved, he was able to prove to Van Anh and her parents that he was, indeed, the real deal. He loved her with all his heart and was excited to spend the rest of his life with her.
After receiving her parents’ blessing, the two would begin the wedding preparations – and Van Anh was rather surprised when Tuan booked a 5-star hotel in Hanoi for the event. Then, he planned a lavish wedding, the wedding of her dreams! It was only then that she learned he was a millionaire! The simple guy she met online turned out to be crazy rich! Tuan was actually a businessman who manages a popular international clothing brand. He later admitted to having kept his wealth a secret just to know if she really loved him for who he was, not for his money – and he was ecstatic that she married him despite thinking he had no money.