Man Builds Pallet Bar In His Back Garden For £90.

Whilst you're sat there in work, sweltering away like a cooking chicken, just know that somewhere out there in Sheffield, specifically is an absolute legend who had the foresight and the skill to spend time building his very own back garden bar out of wooden pallets. 
Seriously, look at it. Whatever you're drinking in there has to taste sweet, right? The man in the question is Paul Nowak. A hobbyist who loves a bit of woodwork, Paul managed to assemble a load of pallets, trays, and stuff that he managed to blag from a mate who owns a pub to create this. All for just £90 ($112).Sure, in the depths of winter he'll need a patio heater, but when it's 30-bloody-degrees and sunny, he's in for a treat. We got in touch with Paul to hear more about how he pulled off this incredible feat of al fresco architecture. "It took me a couple of days after I got all the stuff I needed to knock it together. I've always liked woodwork, I should have done it when I left school but I never did."I'd put down some decking in the garden and I've always wanted a bar in the garden so I got some pallets and knocked it together."We think Paul is being a touch modest - the bar looks anything but 'knocked together' - more a place to spend sunny weekends without having to queue for a drink or wee in someone else's urinal. In case anyone is interested, the bar doesn't actually have a name yet - so feel free to offer anything up that springs to mind (be gentle). The working title is 'The Voyage' after a favourite holiday destination in Turkey, but - come on - we can come up with something together, surely? Behind the bar, there's room for a full array of beers, spirits and wines. The world is his booze-flavoured oyster it seems. The pumps themselves aren't working just yet, but once they're properly wired in they'll be flowing freely.
What there is, crucially, is a fully working pallet-fronted fridge. Inside, there are beers chilling, ready for this evening."I'll certainly be out there this evening," said Paul. Who could blame him? Paul's bar went viral after it was shared in a Facebook group called Extreme Couponing and Bargains and has been shared thousands of times. And just as impressive as the build itself is the fact that he managed to bring this all together for under £100."I got the pallets for nothing, the crates were nothing, 40 quid for the roof...with paint (about £30) it was 80 or 90 quid," he said."My mate's got his own bar so he gave me all the beer mats and that."He added: "When people come around we all just sit up there. It's just a bit different, and it's good for barbecues, especially in this weather"