Mum claims people without children should be banned from Disney World.

A mum has claimed people without children shouldn't be allowed in the Disney theme parks - as they "ruin" the park for children.
The woman's foul-mouthed Facebook rant against "childless women" who visited the iconic tourist attraction has gone viral after it was re-shared on Twitter. In the post, she said it "pisses [her] off to no end" to see childless couples at Disney World, as it is a "family amusement park"."Yet these IMMATURE millennials THROW AWAY their money on USELESS CRAP," she fumed. She claimed that these people have "no idea" about the "job and happiness" mothers get from buying their babies treats and toys."THEY WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE THE EXHAUSTION THAT IT IS TO CHASE A 3 YEAR OLD AROUND AND GETTING STARED AT ASSUMING I'M A BAD MOTHER", the woman continued. She went on to claim that all the people without children were the reason that the park was overcrowded, before launching into a tirade about a woman who had been lining up to buy a pretzel when her young son wanted one. Ranting about the woman's "very SLUTTY shorts", she said: "Aiden wanted one but the line was very long so I said later, and it broke his poor little heart and he cried."I WANTED TO TAKE THAT F*CKING PRETZEL FROM THAT T**** LIKE THANKS BITCH YOU MADE MY SON CRY!!"The woman then claimed that while people without children should be "banned" from the park, mums with kids should be "allowed to skip ALL THE LINE".And the reaction to the woman's post has been pretty strong.