Architect designs a space-age sleeping space for Netflix-lovers with a 4K projector, 70-inch screen and its own app.

An architect has designed a cutting-edge bed which is equipped with a 4K projector, a 70-inch screen and a custom-built app to allow owners to binge watch TV without having to get up.
Created by Fabio Vinella for Italian furniture brand Hi-Interiors and dubbed the HiBed it is designed with entertainment at the core and hopes to offer a high-tech option for the humble bed. The frame has its own app which operates the rig and is also fitted with surround sound speakers. Although an official price hasn't been announced, a similar version was priced around £33,000. 
To justify this, the bed also analyses and keeps track of the user's sleeping patterns and body weight, in addition to monitoring the room temperature, air quality and noise level. In addition, its built-in ambient lighting can also be used as a night light, reading light, or alarm in the morning, along with a smart alarm that plays daily weather and news notifications. It can also provide some degree of practical health benefits, according to Gianni Tallarico, co-founder of Hi-Interiors. 'You can monitor your breathing and the states of [sleep] apnea, [then] share them with your doctor,' he says.
Earlier this year, car manufacturer Ford invented a prototype bed that automatically rolls selfish sleepers back to their side of the mattress whenever they stray onto the other half. The carmaker has adapted the lane-centring assist technology used to ensure drivers remain in the middle of their lane into a concept dubbed the Lane-Keeping Bed, in a bid to help sleep-deprived partners pushed to the edge of the bed at night. Pressure sensors detect when a person moves from one side of the bed to the other and gently rolls them back to their side with the help of an integrated conveyor belt. The HiBed is currently available for pre-order only but will go into production later this year.