Australian influencer says brands refuse to work with her because her body is too 'real' for Instagram.

An Australian Instagram influencer has lashed out at companies who turn her down for photoshoots because her body is too 'real'.
Sydney model Ariella Nyssa said she was 'so over' companies knocking her back on the basis she was too 'big' or her skin wasn't smooth enough. Ariella claims while brands and modelling agencies don't directly say her body is their reason for saying no, their actions speak louder than words. She said even the brands that on the surface promoted body inclusivity would turn her away because she wasn't the 'right fit'.'I was too short for them, they even weighed me and then told me I couldn't model for them,' she said. While Ariella has been able to grow an Instagram following of more than 250,000, she said big companies reject or simply completely ignore her requests to collaborate. One of her friends, meanwhile, was given work with a company who rejected her.
'They'd say 'oh, we're not looking at the moment' - but then I'd see that my friend who is a size six has just started working with them,' Ariella said. 'Every time I try to push past these beauty standards I get shut down. I'm so over trying to show people the beauty in all of us.' After the bumpy start to her influencer career, the young Sydney woman said she then hit the gym five days a week in order to try and fit the required mould.
'I stopped taking my own advice because all of this rejection,' she said. With her struggles to conform now behind her, Ariella now pushes for others to appreciate the beauty of all body shapes.' Just because I’m not a size 6 or a size 16 doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful.''I'll be posting my favourite photo shoot, pictures of my "excessive skin", "undesirable body type", 'love handles', 'back fat' and cellulite for your enjoyment,' she wrote in a recent Instagram post.