Bean bag pool floats are here to bring your summer holiday comfort to the next level.

Picture the scene, if you will. You're chilling out. You're warm. You're
somewhere hot and happy that arguably isn't Ireland because we haven't seen a glimmer of the sun since 1991. You're in the pool but you're also above the water. You're comfortable because you're on a bean bag. You're comfortable and you're on a bean bag yet still in the pool but above the water. You're on a bean bag pool float... and life will never be the same again.

At least, it won't be if you manage to nab yourself one of these lads from a Pottery Barn in the States this summer. Hey, we never said being this comfortable was going to be easy. The bean bags, called Kai Seat Loungers, are made from Sunbrella marine fabric so unlike regular bean bags, they won't sink when you place them in water. Rather, they simply float allowing the sitter to enjoy the water as well as the comfiness. An ideal situation. Each of the floaters can hold up to 300 lbs in weight when inflated. They're also only $199 (about €177), which really isn't all that bad if you and couple of your mates pitched in. And moved to America while you're at all. Where it's warm. And where these are actually available.Enjoy.Or don't, whatever depends on your geographical location.