Daredevil YouTuber Dies After Parachute Jump From 150ft Chimney.

A daredevil has died in Spain after his parachute failed to open following a jump from a 150ft-tall chimney.
Twenty-nine-year-old Ruben Carbonell, who made videos of his stunts for social media, sneaked into a cement factory in Alicante to film himself jumping from one of the tall chimneys. However, as he jumped from the Fontcalent building his parachute failed to open and he plummeted to the ground. His friend called emergency services, but it was reported that Carbonell died instantly. Authorities in Spain have now launched an investigation to get establish how the pals managed to get into the shut-up factory and scale the giant chimney. Local media reports the men may have been able to jump a fence to get into the site, which is covered by CCTV and private security. Cemex, which owns the site, confirmed to the police that neither man had permission to be inside on the night it happened but has said they will be leaving the matter up to the police. The investigation will also look into what happened to the parachute, which prevented it from opening when it was needed. Carbonell was a fan of extreme sports and enjoyed filming and sharing his adventures with his friends online. In previous videos, he can be seen jumping from bridges and paragliding. As the news of his death was shared, heart-broken friends of Carbonell have flocked to his social media pages to pay their respects with one writing: "This is very sad news. I just met Ruben this summer, where we made a jump together."Although we had only made a spring together, Ruben visited me several times at the hospital in Alicante after an accident. Friend, I will miss your smile and your joy. I send my condolences to all those who met Ruben."While another added: "Every moment you lived it with passion and joy, doing what you loved, following your own natural talents, being yourself. Thank you for being an example of what is a full life and make us see that the meaning of life is to live it. You will always be with us!"