Man Suffers Third Degree Burns When Vape Explodes While Driving.

A man has been left with third-degree burns after his vape exploded while he was driving.
Will Hawksworth, 24, was engulfed in flames and suffered horrific burns to his chest and stomach when the brand new batteries on his vape pen blew up in his gilet pocket and set fire to his clothes. His clothes melted to his chest while the fire got worse and he desperately tried to find somewhere to pull over. Will, who is a professional PGA golfer Will, from Sheffield, said: "It felt like I was being burnt alive."It was the most painful thing you could ever imagine. My clothes burnt onto my chest and my skin was completely burnt."I was terrified. I thought this was it and I could have lost my life. I'll never go near a vape pen ever again. They are lethal."Having started smoking at the age of 15, he switched to vaping when he was 19, as many people still do, believing it to be better for him. Will says he has smoked a vape pen every day for five years and they have helped him to quit smoking completely. Will bought brand new batteries for his vape pen and charged them at home before inserting, but sparks started to fly out of his gilet pocket as he was driving back from the supermarket with his 25-year-old girlfriend Molly Biney. Will added: "Molly said, 'Quick stop, there are sparks coming out of your jacket'."I heard a noise that sounded like fireworks and then my gilet just burst into flames."The battery blew up as I pulled over. By the time I stopped, I was pretty much engulfed in flames."It burnt through my clothes and fell down the side of the car seat. I got out and took my clothes off and covered myself in snow. It was agony."The car just went up in flames. It was completely burnt out."The couple dialled 999 and called for the fire and ambulance services. Will was taken to the Northern General Hospital by ambulance and treated for severe burns as firefighters fought the blaze. He was eventually allowed home after six hours of treatment but had to attend regular appointments at the burns clinic having suffered second and third-degree burns to his torso. He has been left with scars for life and irritable skin that glows bright red when exposed to heat. Doctors gave him the option of a skin graft, but he turned the surgery down because he didn't want to create further wounds on his body. Will said: "My appearance does bother me, especially when I'm on holiday. My skin gets very aggravated when it's hot. I can't really expose it to the sun."It is horrible to live with now. It could have ended so much worse. I feel lucky to be alive."Since the accident Will has opened a compensation claim against Efest and is hoping to take the company to court.