Door Welded Shut In 'Nottingham's Most Haunted Building' Opened For First Time.

It's rare you come across a door that is welded shut. Indeed, you could argue a door that is welded shut isn't a door at all.
Either way, the sight is bound to spark a curiosity about what lies behind it. Marie and Steve Wesson recently succumbed to this curiosity, opening a door which they found welded shut in their haunted museum in Nottingham. The couple discovered the metal door under a layer of plasterboard when they acquired the Mapperley picture house last year. It was sealed shut, as previously mentioned, and had plugs and electrics fitted over the top of it. The Wessons were wary of opening it as they had heard ominous rumours about its past, however, after more than a year, they decided to crack it open on Thursday, along with a group of seven keen paranormal enthusiasts. So, the absolutely massive question we all want answering - what the flip lurked beyond the welded door?
Well, you'll be pleased to hear there wasn't anything of any use in there, which they could have obtained a year ago. Rather, what they found was a textbook creepy cliche - a five-pointed pentagram star made from charcoal, a scruffy old teddy bear and a bunch of white candles burnt to their stubs. Marie said she was astonished by the discovery and expected to find nothing more than a brick wall behind it - despite also claiming to have heard scratching from behind the door and a voice telling her not to open it. Speaking to Nottingham Live, she said: "I couldn't believe what I was seeing. We're paranormal investigators, not Satanists so were are going to have to get on it to find out as much as we can about it."During investigations, we've had voice recordings of someone saying 'don't open the door' and 'don't open the door' with a sinister laugh after."And it seems maybe Marie should have listened to that voice, as her daughter has had a banging headache since they bust it open - and she isn't the type to get headaches normally. Marie said: "Since we've opened it, a few people have complained of having headaches. My daughter, who never gets headaches, got a really bad pressure behind her eyes."The couple now plans to put a Perspex sheet where the welded door once was, so visitors to the museum can look at the burnt-out candles and the dirty teddy. As for the cynics who might suggest that the discovery was set up in order to bring publicity to their museum of nothingness, Marie isn't arsed. She said: "Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs. If we all thought the same it'd be boring."