Friday, August 16

Dream job alert: You and your dog can team up to review hotels together.

A trip away for free to review a stunning doggo-friendly hotel, obviously. Going anywhere is just better with a dog by your side so we love's latest job listing. The website is hiring a canine hotel critic. The chosen pup will visit ten top hotels around the world that welcome dogs and experience all the food, pampering and treats they have to offer. The critic will then share their review on the site. The dog's owner is of course invited along for the trip and will presumably lend a paw with the review. It's in response to a growing demand for pet-friendly accommodation, said."We love our pets more than we love our other half at times, so it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a huge increase in travellers wanting to take their furry plus one on holiday with them," EMEA senior director and general manager Liz Oakman told MarieClaire."At, we want to make sure you find the paw-perfect place to check into, so we’re excited to add a Best for Pets category to our Loved by Guests awards – but it doesn’t stop there."Our hunt for Canine Critic is our way of ensuring our pet-friendly hotels really are up to ‘scratch’ with a four-legged expert’s ‘paw of approval’."We cannot imagine any job in the world that we'd like to share with our favourite furry pals.

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