Influencer reveals what her Instagram snaps would REALLY look like if she acted natural.

An influencer has gone viral after showing the reality behind her 'perfect' Instagram posts. Rianne Meijer, 26, from Amsterdam, boasts a 377,000 following but says she felt it was unfair to only show a filtered and edited version of herself online to her younger following.
In a series of candid photos shared to her account, Rianne can be seen posing with a defined jawline and perfectly filtered scenery, while other snaps depicting her 'real' self show the influencer showing off a double chin and her hair the moments her poses go wrong.

Rianne told Jam Press: 'Instagram can make you feel sad and bad about yourself, so I wanted to turn that around and make people feel that they are just the same as the influencer their following.' I highly recommend that every influencer do this, as most people on Instagram take it too seriously and are focused so much on their appearance.' I want my audience to feel like if I can do it, then they can too. I want to motivate them to be the best version of themselves, but also remind them that, in the end, we are all the same.' Rianne makes all her income from her social media platforms and spends a lot of her time editing her photos, which includes snaps of her sipping coffee and posing in high-end restaurants.

However, her authentic photos show her in less flattering lighting while yawning, tripping over and acting goofy. The influencer admits that she has also been affected by Instagram's beauty standards, as she claims she had to purge her account of anyone who made her feel bad about herself. She said: 'Social media has affected my own mental health from time-to-time.'A couple of months ago I went through all of the people I followed and unfollowed anyone that gave me a bad feeling about myself.'

Although most of her followers think she lives a dream life, Rianne claims that being an influencer comes with a lot of pressure.' I believe it's one of the best jobs in the world, but it sometimes can be hard to be busy with your job 24/7,' she explained.'Holidays and weekends are prime time for influencers to post pictures, so there isn't much free time.' Rianne also claims that the main reason she shared her 'reality' images was to send an important message to younger followers who value social media greatly. She commented: 'When I think about my 13-year-old niece who is online probably as much as me, it scares me as she is always seeing a very high standard of lifestyle and beauty.' It's important to see the reality and take the pressure off younger people to reach 'perfection' - which doesn't even exist.'

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