McDonald's are bringing back Aero McFlurrys.

Now that the sun has ever so briefly announced its presence, why not celebrate in true Irish fashion
: heavy, heavy sunburn on both arms up to the sleeve and a McFlurry?Sounds good, doesn't it? Sounds irresistible. Even better is the fact that McDonald's are bringing back a fan favourite in the form of the Aero and - more importantly - the Aero Mint McFlurry, two of the finest soldiers we've ever had in the war against 'just being a bit too hot' on this wonderful island.
If you needed reminding, that's the Aero Chocolate - soft dairy ice cream swirled with chocolate pieces and a chocolate sauce (obviously) and the Aero Mint - soft Dairy ice cream swirled with chocolate pieces and a peppermint sauce (obviously). The bad news, and there is bad news, is that they'll only be back for an eight-week stint, so make the most of it. Get them whilst they're cold.