Sixteen Babies In Spain Develop 'Werewolf Syndrome' After Taking Contaminated Medication.

Sixteen babies have developed a rare condition dubbed 'werewolf syndrome' - which causes excessive hair growth across sufferers' bodies - after taking the contaminated medication in Spain.
According to Spanish publication El Pais, the 16 babies were given omeprazole to help treat indigestion and acid reflux. However, the drugs had somehow become tainted with an alopecia remedy called minoxidil. The minoxidil caused the babies to develop hypertrichosis, which causes excessive hair growth all over the body. Global News 10 reports that parents were 'surprised by the appearance of hair in the babies, especially in the facial area,' so took their little ones off to the doctors to find out what was wrong. The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products has now removed several batches of the medication from circulation as they try and get to the bottom of the issue. The batch of meds - from Farma-Química Sur and with lot number 11072/10/42 - are now said to have been mostly recalled with the last few missing packets currently being tracked down. Farma-Química Sur has since been whacked with an order which forbids the company from'manufacturing, importing and distributing pharmaceutical active ingredients' since July. The drugs are reported to be made in India and shipped into the country. It is thought to have been sold in a total of 22 pharmacies in the Granada region. Parents in Spain are being urged to seek medical assistance if their kid was given omeprazole so they can check with the pharmacy to see if it was from the contaminated batch. They have also issued a statement to say that adults taking the medication needn't worry as the contamination is limited to the formula made especially for children. According to El Pais, the hair growth stopped when the children stopped taking the medication and it's not thought there will be any long-term effects. Hypertrichosis is the proper name for a rare condition also known as 'werewolf syndrome' - it is characterized by excessive hair growth anywhere on the body. It can affect anyone of any age, race or gender and is usually caused by an abnormally high level of male hormones. The condition isn't painful, but some people choose to get rid of the extra hair by waxing, shaving or using more permanent methods of hair removal, such as laser removal.