This unreal treehouse resort in Costa Rica has been voted the best hotel of 2019.

The fab folks at TripAdvisor just released its annual Travelers' Choice awards, and there are so many dreamy destinations. 
At the top of the list for 2019? Tulemar in Costa Rica, which has been named as the top Travelers' Choice hotel in the world. And for good reason, I tell you. So, what makes this resort so special (other than the obvious fact of it being in stunning Costa Rica!)? Well, first up, there are the rooms - which are not your typical hotel accommodation. You will stay in treehouse-like bungalows, that cost around $250 a night. However, they can sleep 4 people comfortably, so not a bad deal there. If you feel like upgrading, there are also here are three "bamboo villas" throughout the resort, all of which include a private pool, two rain showers, and views of the jungle and ocean.STUNNING.There are a number of other private villas that are even fancier. 
Oh and if the lavish and beautiful accommodation wasn't enough - there's more. Inside the resort (less than 10 minutes away from your accommodation) is a SLOTH sanctuary. Yeah. We're overwhelmed. According to the resort's website, the group aims to "enhance the well-being and conservation of wild and captive sloths through research and education."During your stay, you'll be able to join workers on "sloth walks," which short hikes during which tourists and researchers search for sloths to study. There's also a stunning private beach and four swimming pools. Yeah, if you need us, we'll be on the next flight to Costa Rica.