Two sisters give birth same day, same hospital, on their father's birthday.

The lives of two sisters with the same biological father have been aligned in a rather intriguing way after the pair gave birth in the same hospital, on the same day, which also happened to be their father’s birthday.

And oh, their daughters were also delivered by the same doctor. Shari and Simone Cumberbatch knew their girls would be close in age, but they never thought they’d be hours apart. Both were originally projected to give birth mid-July 2019, however, Simone and her doctor planned a C-section for July 3. She selected the date because it’s her father’s birthday. What the family didn’t plan was that sister Shari will go into labour on the same day. Shari’s unexpected labour actually delayed Simone’s scheduled C-section as the two shared the same doctor. According to Good Morning America, Shari’s daughter, Hailey, was born at 12:57 p.m. and Simone’s daughter, Liberty, was born a few hours later at 5:30 p.m. “They’re like twins [and] they’ll be close,” Shari said in an interview with CBS New York. The babies’ grandfather received two gifts to celebrate his 70th birthday. “I always used to say ‘what if, what if it happened,’ not knowing it would actually happen,” the newborns’ granddad, Elmo Cumberbatch said. It’s probably safe to assume all future birthday parties will be planned out well in advance and will be held on the same day.