Mother comes up with horrific prank to teach children not to run with scissors

In life, there are certain rules children just have to learn. Respect your elders, don’t eat with your mouth full, and don’t run with scissors, to name a few.
But what lengths do parents go to, to ensure their children have learned the integral rules of life? Well, as it turns out, they go pretty far, as some parents resort to scaring the living sh*t out of their kids, just to hammer home the point. One mum has gone viral for her absolutely brutal prank, in which she convinced her kids she’d managed to pierce her tongue by falling on a pair of scissors. Ouch. Renaude Johnson shoved one of the scissor’s blades all the way through a fake tongue and popped it in her mouth as though it were her own, before jumping on the floor and lying there in a panic as her kids entered the house.
Pretending to be unable to speak (well, you wouldn’t be able to speak with a pair of scissors in your tongue), she desperately writes down a message of help on a sheet of paper to communicate with her terrified children. The poor kids are clearly traumatised upon discovering their mum’s plight and quickly break down in tears. And the best part? Once Renae finally reveals it’s all a sick joke and removes the tongue, her daughter shouts ‘I’m going to kill you, f*ck you!’Yeah, she deserved that. Although the children will have most certainly learned a valuable lesson, to never under any circumstances run with scissors, I reckon there’s a pretty big chance they could suffer from PTSD after their mum’s bizarre ‘prank’.And, if we’re going to pick faults, the major thing she was lacking was lots of fake blood. Hey, Halloween is just around the corner, so perhaps she could stock up on loads of the red stuff and take her prank to the next level by heading around the streets trick or treating, traumatising a few more kids on the way.