School Asks Students To Wear Boxes On Heads To Stop Cheating

A school in India has been heavily criticised for making students sit an exam with cardboard boxes on their heads in a bizarre attempt to crack down on cheating.
The school has also been forced into making a public apology after a photograph of the unusual exam conditions went viral. Officials at the Bhagat Pre-University College in the South Indian state of Karnataka asked students to wear cardboard boxes on top of their heads so as to stop them from looking at the exam papers of their neighbours. The strange shot, taken on Wednesday, shows row upon row of students sitting down to take a test of some kind with a variety of boxes covering their heads and the idea seems to be - their peripheral vision. The front of the boxes had holes in them so that the students could see what they were doing, but not anyone else's exam sheet. Sort of like when you play as an astronaut when you're a kid, but in an exam hall and much less fun. In fact, probably no fun at all, actually. Anyway, one of the aforementioned school officials, MB Satish, said that whilst they apologise for the use of the technique, they did it because they had heard of other schools doing it and fancied giving it a go on an 'experimental basis'.Hmm, hearing about someone else doing something isn't necessarily the best way to decide what to do, is it? Remember what your mam said about jumping off a cliff...?. Satish also said that - despite what you might think everything was consented to by the students who were taking part. He even added that some of the students taking the exam had brought their own boxes. He told BBC Hindi: "There was no compulsion of any kind,"You can see in the photograph that some students were not wearing it."Some who wore it removed it after 15 minutes, some after 20 minutes and we ourselves asked them to remove it after one hour."Anyway, the school has confirmed that it has now stopped the practice and has been co-operating with the local education authorities, who are looking into what went on here.An official from the Haveri district told Indian news agency IANS: "A notice has been issued to Bhagat Pre-University College seeking an explanation for forcing its students to wear cardboard boxes while writing exams to prevent them from copying."Whatever be the purpose, [the students] cannot be made to wear cartons for writing exams."There is no rule or advice from us."
Credit: Twitter