Disney+ is officially launching in Ireland in March 2020.

A while back, it was announced that Disney was launching its own subscription service.
The platform, Disney+, will include a load of decent Disney based content including a lot of their shows and movies from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic. And now we finally have an official date as to when exactly we're going to be getting it in Ireland: March 31, 2020. You love to see it. Disney announced the date this week, confirming that all of that sweet, sweet content will indeed be available for Irish and UK viewers next spring. The new streaming platform for first announced over a year ago now and will launch very soon in the States. Next week, in fact. And although the ins and outs of the service have yet to be explored by the average user, it appears as if Disney+ will have one major difference to Netflix. Episodes won't be released in bulk for optimum binging, but week-by-week as per classic television. At the same time though, the entire back catalogue of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney movies will also be available, so if you really just want to veg out for the day with some content, you still can. Making many of its TV shows periodically though is clearly a clever move, because it will mean that people will most likely have to continue their subscription fee is they want to keep up with their favourite shows. It sounds like the perfect platform, doesn't it?