Jewish Cousins Who Thought The Other Was Killed By Nazis Reunite After 75 Years.

Two Jewish cousins who were separated during the Second World War have been reunited.
A heartwarming video shows the moment Morris Sana, 87, and Simon Mairowitz, 85, came face-to-face in Tel Aviv, Israel, after decades of believing each other was killed in concentration camps. They were reunited last Thursday after their relatives realized the childhood friends were still alive after finding them on Facebook. The cousins were fighting back tears and said they were happy to see each other 75 years later, but it was only Morris who recognized his old family member at first. When World War II broke out in 1939, King Carol II officially adopted a position of neutrality for Romania. However, after the country was overthrown, Romanian troops were responsible for the persecution and massacre of up to 260,000 Jews in Romanian-controlled territories, although the majority of Jews living in Romania survived the horrendous conditions. Morris and Simon are two of thousands who had no idea what happened to loved ones in the decades following World War II.