There’s A Phone Charger With Christmas Lights And You Didn’t Think You Needed It Until Now

Now most of us really love Christmas lights, some of us even have them put up all year round, as it really gives the cosiest vibes.
Thanks to Amazon, we can now even decorate our phones with Christmas lights and carry around that festive spirit everywhere we go. The product description says, “You’ll be excited all year.” Guess we’ll have to believe it. Amazon is selling phone chargers that are also a string of Christmas lights. When it comes to home goods and overall not really necessary purchases, Amazon is THE place to shop. You can get laundry detergent, scary dog muzzles, and a beach lounge chair that has a face hole for reading, all in one place and without leaving the comfort of your bed. You never knew you needed it, but now you do. This year, they’re selling Christmas lights iPhone chargers and they’re as cute as it can get. The idea behind the product is to “provide a festive glow when plugged in as it charges your phone.”The phone charger cord is 50 inches long. The product description says that the charger cord is 50 inches long and has 10 LED lights of different colours, which illuminate when the charger is being used. It has ten LED multicoloured lights. The Christmas light charger sells at $15, making it the perfect Secret Santa or White Elephant gift (or, let’s be honest – a small gift to yourself). Lights illuminate when the charger is being used.“I was sceptical how well these would actually work, but they are amazing. They are cute and charge the phone very well. I bought them for my friends and they love them. ide note, I wish the cords were a bit longer but they are true to their description!” one person reviewed the product. Unfortunately, the charger is only compatible with iPhonesHowever, the charger is compatible only with iPhones. We’re looking forward to whenever the seller is going to provide us with the Android version of it. And it is selling for $15.Apparently, people really love it. Someone commented “I use mine every day! [I] Bought it last year and I love it!”