10 Amazing Stock Pictures That Look To Crazy To Be Real

Check out our collection of some of the most amazing stock pictures on the Net that look too crazy to be real. No photoshop was used, these are all original shots. Some of these stock pictures are amazing, others breathtaking and some will probably give a good old belly laugh. we have also thrown in a few fun facts too.
1. Photobombed By The Ocean

Statistics show that one in three people who visit the beach actually have no idea how to swim.
2. He`s Got The Whole World In His Hands

Did you know the Moon is slowly drifting away from the Earth? It is estimated that the moon is slipping away from us by 3.8 cms a year. but don`t panic just yet, it`s gonna take about 50 million years to finally leave us. But when it does it will be hell on Earth.
3. Eye Eye Captain!

Did you know that butterflies cannot fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees?
4. Just When You Think Everything Is Going Swell!
In 1960 Great Britain made the cute little red-breasted Robin it’s National Bird but it is usually only seen during the winter months.
5. Love Is All-Around

While trees look docile to you and me they do actually have a very good defensive system against bugs. Scientists have discovered that when attacked by insects, trees are able to pump certain chemicals to their leaves which bugs hate.
6. Four Seasons In One Day

7. Just Goosing Around

Even though most geese may be aggressive to man they are very caring with each other. When a goose gets sick or wounded fellow geese will protect it until it dies or becomes healthy again.
8. So Hey Hello To My Little Friend 

Sharks have lived for 400 million years which means they outlived the dinosaurs and may even outlive man.
9. You Like My Mustache?

10. Houston, We have A Launch
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