Couple goes 32ft underwater to have world record wedding [Photos]

An adventurous couple plied an unusual route to have a world record wedding recently as they went 32 feet underwater to tie the knot. The couple Julie, a travel agent, and her husband Sean who are said to be keen scuba-divers decided to defy logic by getting married underwater near their favourite island of Saint Lucia a sovereign island country in the West Indies, the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. The underwater event was captured by world record wedding has surfaced online as couples (Julie and Sean) have blown the minds of people as they defy logic to have their wedding underneath the sea (32ft down the sea).In the photos, the couple was seen beneath the water with an officiating pastor and three other people believed to be observers.“Of course, no wedding would be complete without a wedding crasher. Or two. Or an entire school of fish swimming through. Hey, the more the merrier! So, there we were, coexisting with Nemo and his friends three dozen feet below the world. And unless you are Ariel, you cannot sing or talk underwater. Shocking, we know. Gratefully, our well-prepared bride and groom exchanged their vows on written plates, so their adventurous, dedicated and non-claustrophobic wedding guests could witness the moment,” the website wrote.“Before we all ascended to the surface where celebratory drinks and congratulations were awaiting the couple, they did something none of us was expecting…or would be brave enough to do for that matter. Like the pros they were, they took out their air supplies gulp to solidify their union with a proper kiss. Nothing says “until death does you part“ like forgoing oxygen to prove your commitment to one another!”
See photos as shared by BoredPanda:
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