Mexico returns ancient Nigerian sculpture (photos)

Mexico returns ancient Nigerian sculpture (photos)
Mexican authorities on Tuesday, February 25, returned an ancient sculpture from 6th century southwestern Yoruba city of Ile-Ife to Nigeria. The sculpture which shows a man wearing woven pants and a hat, sitting with his legs crossed and holding an instrument, was seized by customs agents at Mexico City airport as its buyer tried to bring it into the South-American country.
Diego Prieto, head of the agency said; 
“Specialists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History determined that it was a piece of Yoruba origin. “A beautiful bronze piece, and that being of Nigerian heritage, it should return to its home.”
Mexican foreign ministry also added; 
“It was also determined that it had been illegally exported."
Nigerian Ambassador, Aminu Iyawa also thanked the Mexican authorities over their effort in recovering the sculpture.