Son hid his homework from me after scoring two the last time I assisted – Nigerian mom

It is expected that parents should be actively involved in the education of their children, morally, socially and academically. The family which is mostly considered as the most important agent of socialization is where a child is expected to get most of the lessons, corrections and enlightenment needed in life. When such kids get to the point of confusion or a difficult stage, what they do is to run back to their trusted parents, uncles, aunts or siblings for guidance.
Same applies when children are confronted with a daunting task, most times such task comes in the form of homework. They look on to their parents or elderly ones around for help to solve the academic problem. Kids don’t joke with their homework, probably because of fear of punishment that lies in wait for them in school the next day if the task is not completed. Once bitten twice shy, that was exactly the approach a Nigerian school kid adopted after failing to score average mark in an assignment his mom assisted him with. The next time he went home with homework, he jealously hid it from his mom because he could no longer trust his mom to do the needed justice to the work. A Nigerian software developer Farida Kabir took to Twitter to share the story of the homework drama between her and her son.
Farida tweeted:
Last week my son came home with English homework and we did it together. The next time he came home with English homework again, he hid it from me. Apparently, he scored 2 over 5 in the previous one.”
She added:
“Yesterday when I picked him from school, he said to me “Mimi there’s English homework today but don’t worry I’ve already done it”
Many Nigerians Millenials always express fears of assisting their kids with homework, especially mathematical works because, according to them, they don’t want to disappoint their kids.
Farida’s tweet has sparked hilarious reactions on Twitter, with many netizens commending the kid for ensuring ‘affliction does not arise again the second time’.
See reactions:
Child doesn’t want to get 3 over 10😂😂 So he moved 
– Ere (@kime2310) February 5, 2020🤣🤣🤣