The Funniest Windshield Notes Ever Left Behind

Here’s the thing about road rage, it strikes at any given moment and 9 times out of 10, the madness that people exhibit is on dangerous, volcanic levels. Yeah, it gets THAT bad. That’s precisely why we decided to round up not just the funniest windshield notes that get left behind, but also the insanely scary ones that may lead to some online counselling. Take a look for yourself and you’ll see just what we mean.
When you combine Liam Neeson and Taken, well you’ve got the makings of a pretty brilliant note. And it’s safe to say that reading this note is more fun than focusing on any weight loss programs out there.
That’d Be Great
Do we really need to say anything here? The windshield note speaks for itself.
The General Public
Just cut it out please because your horrible parking job is seriously annoying the rest of the general public and they’ve already got enough to worry about.
The Meteorologist
Ouch. We’ve got a joke about Hurricane Katrina? People will really stoop to any level to prove a point.
What Would Carly Say?
Not sure how Carly Rae Jepsen would feel about this take on her hit song but then again, it’s a pretty decent burn.
Point Made
The amount of sarcasm that is exhibited in this windshield note is buckets full. What? You think this person wants to slide across this person’s hood every day? Every. Day. Nope, didn’t think so. Although they probably did lose weight quickly, it takes a lot of work to jump over the hood of a car.
Just For You
How flattering that someone would take time out of their day to draw you up your very own parking spot. Oh wait.
Dear Driver
There’s nothing like getting mocked but in a nice, cold way that leaves shivers running down your spine. It’s a skill most women have down to a T and leaves most men running scared. This note is the perfect example of such eerie skill.
Don’t Make People Doubt Their Grammar
At the end of the day, if you’ve already parked horribly, the least you can do is let people’s grammar be. It’s already enough that they wasted time writing a note and doubting themselves. Well done, sir.
Don’t Make People Doubt Their Grammar
That’s Cold
Man, this one is just brutal. The audacity of some people is just shocking. And considering the last note, this one takes the cake. Kind of.
Parking Meme
Forget looking into weight loss programs because we’ve got a question for you. WHY? That’s all we wanna know. How can people park so horribly? It’s not that difficult, honestly.
Grumpy Cat Makes A Move
As someone who is the master of stick figure drawings, I’m pretty sure this guy is on Picasso’s level with the spot-on drawing of good ol’ Grumpy Cat.
Think Of The Ice Cream
At the very least, you should buy this poor girl a new tub of ice cream. She went through a lot because of your horrible parking job.
Potato – Patato
However, you spell it, this “note” requires the person to consult online counselling ~as soon as possible~ and you know it too.
LOLZ For Dayz
Dogg, you need to learn to park. Like yesterday, please.
Monster Truck
While we’re busy running away as quickly as possible, we’re also looking up mental health programs to consult. This windshield note is a bit mad…by mad we mean, terrifying. We wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with this guy. Ever.
Seriously. Take it down a notch kid, printing off a note that sums up your anger every time someone parks horribly is a bit over the top.
Please Don’t Rob Me
Hahaha, the whole P.S. bit is hilarious. Nice work! That’ll definitely deter potential thief’s.
Learn To Park, Rich Dude
She’s brought her poor little grandmother into this mess and it’s just, well, it just stings way more than it should. More than the burn after you lose weight with an intense cardio workout and you know it’s true too.
Some Things Just Hurt To Read
Out of the kindness of your heart, please have mercy on this poor person’s soul. PLEASE.
Stop Being A Jerk
Listen up, buddy, because you’ve just been dished up a serious warning. There won’t be the next time.
Take The Bus
Welp, this windshield note just takes it to the extreme. While it may appear polite, it has an underlying tone of hatred and sarcasm that is undeniable.
The Dent Of Justice
At the end of the day, you just need to remember that…beaches are fun.
Vaseline Threat
Uhh, yeah, we’d say that’s pretty fair. But only because it’s also a scary thought to consider.
You Got Lucky
No, really. Consider yourself lucky. Do you know how much towing fees are? Not cheap.
Put A Spell On You
The fact that this windshield note is written on a St. Judes notepad makes it even worse. Yikes.
Creepy Creep
I’m a little creeped out just reading the note, can you imagine if there was a white van parked outside your house every night? You’d want to leave this note too!