They're just (m)asking to be mocked! Instagram account reveals the most ridiculous face mask alternatives spotted on the subway, from takeout containers to BUCKETS

Most New York City subway riders and metro riders in other cities around the world have been pretty good about complying with face mask mandates, donning properly protective cloth and surgical masks over their mouths and noses. But a standout few whether out of necessity or rebellion have been a bit more creative in their face coverings, resulting in some questionable looks that are not always entirely effective. The SubwayCreatures Instagram account, which has over two million followers, has documented some of the funniest and most bizarre mask alternatives to make it onto public transportation. Click through to see them...
Raining in here? Most New York City subway riders and metro riders in other cities around the world have been pretty good about complying with face mask mandates. But not all.
Bottom of the barrel: The SubwayCreatures Instagram account has documented some of the most bizarre mask alternatives, like this shorts-turned-mask.crazy ideas: This man appears to have put a bucket on his head.
Knock knock, anyone there? The woman can't possibly be comfortable with a wooden crate over her head. Paper or plastic? Some people have simply plopped shopping bags over their heads.
Creative: This mask alternative took quite a bit of DIYing.On-the-nose: Some people have taken to wearing plague doctor costumes.
Not the point: Unfortunately, this mask likely has a hole in the mouth so the person can talk which renders it ineffective against viruses.Beach-ready! One man appears to have cut a hole in one of his wife's old swimsuits and pulled it over his face.
Hosting a dinner party? Another NYC subway rider tossed a tablecloth over her head but may have some trouble seeing. Almost there! This mask would actually work, despite the odd design, if it was pulled up over the man's nose.
A glass case of emotion! This could work, we guess, but we don't see how it's more comfortable than a mask. Jokester: This clown is having fun with face coverings while playing fast and loose with others' lives.
Scientifically unsound: The CDC hasn't specifically commented on using paper bags instead of masks, but they certainly don't mean the criteria. Why even bother? A few people have strapped plastic lids to their faces, which does literally nothing for anyone and just makes them look ridiculous.
Ouch! This bizarre mask would do more harm than good if the person wearing it is bumping into things. According to the CDC, masks should have two or more layers of washable, breathable fabric.
Vroom vroom! While this helmet looks cooler than some of the other items here, the gaps mean it's not stopping germs from spreading. Pandemic making him stir-crazy? The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be making some people more secure in looking nuts. Word to the wise: Fastening a tissue over your face isn't doing anything
Bubble girl: A few people are taking no chances and creating even bigger barriers between themselves and others. Wrap 'em up! Plastic wrap, garbage bags, and other questionable materials have been spotted as mask substitutes.
Lookin' good: This man seems to have thought wearing swim goggles and a funnel were better than just wearing a mask. Well, it is October! Now is the perfect time to wear a Halloween mask as long as there aren't mouth holes for air to escape and get in.
Yup, someone actually wore this mask on the NYC subway. Snap snap! Many of the more bizarre looks have made it to the internet thanks to the stealth photos of social media users.
Varying degrees of protection: At first glance, this (on the left) looks like a gas mask but it's actually Monster Energy drink cans. Meanwhile, this person went totally nuclear.
Strike! This man's batting helmet is totally unnecessary but at least he is wearing a mask. Buzz-worthy! Some people have been spotted in beekeeper uniforms.
One question: How does this woman even see this?. Strike a pose! Apparently, women aren't the only ones using masks as a fashion statement.
What is he proving? Seems like this man would have been more comfortable and looked less silly in a normal mask.Global problems: While many of the account's photos are from New York, some have popped up from other cities around the world.
Where did this woman get this cute outfit? From Macy's, probably. It's a look: The garbage bag may be doing some protecting here, but the rainbow tulle is just style, baby.
Creative! This woman didn't just pull a garbage bag over her head she fashioned it to stay in place and leave her eyes exposed.
Busting out: This man's wife may be wondering where her husband got this mask.
This superhero wannabe is super missing the point of wearing a mask.