Nigerian mum makes her son, 9, draft a proposal and pitch his business idea after he asked for money to start a bakery business

A Nigerian mum decided to teach her son an important business skill when he asked for her to invest in his bakery business idea. Vivian Elebiyo-Okojie, who lives in Ohio, US, said her 9-year-old son, Edward Okojie, approached her with his idea and a plea for investment. Rather than give him the money, she said she did what any "good businesswoman/mom would do".
She asked him to draft a pitch deck and pitch his business. The boy quickly got to work, baked some sample cookies, drafted his pitch after watching tutorials on YouTube, then got into formal clothes for his presentation with his dad and mum as the audience/prospective investors. The presentation went well and his mother said she gave him $1,000 as the first round of investments for his business. She said she was impressed by his performance and went shopping with him for supplies for his business. She added that the construction of his website is now underway.
As for how her son feels about his idea becoming reality, she wrote on Facebook that he said: "I feel like a boss."