Everyday belongs to Èsù…but today’s his Ose Sharing:

A hard-working Farmer will always come back home with a bag full of food, that was what Òtúá Òtúrúpon told Orunmila (deity of wisdom). 
Baba wanted to establish the business of buying and reselling domestic animals (Òwò àróbò). He wanted to sell animals in the ancient Èjìgbòròmekùn market. He was advised to consult Ifa so that he would be assured that the business would be a profitable one for him. That was when the Babalawo told Orunmila that he would become rich and prosperous in life if he established the business. He was advised to make Ébo (sacrifice) and appease Èsù (Orunmila's best friend). He was told to always appease Èsù and fulfill every promise he made to people. Orunmila made the Ébo and gave the offering to Èsù, all were accepted. A few days later, Èsù visited Orunmila's house, they had a nice time together and they were both in a happy mood. Orunmila took Èsù around his environs and Èsù saw hundreds of animals that Orunmila was rearing. Baba told his friend that he's going to Èjìgbòròmekùn market the next day. Èsù begged Orunmila to dash him one big male goat (Obuko), he wanted to eat it with his family. Orunmila promised Èsù that he should come anytime tomorrow and collect it.
Orunmila said if he had already left for the market, Èsù will find his male goat reserved in the backyard. Èsù was very happy and he thanked Orunmila.
The next day, Orunmila went to the market along with all the animals in his compound. But, he forgot to reserve the goat he promised his friend, Èsù. Èsù went to Orunmila's house to find out there was no goat left for him.
He thought Orunmila did it deliberately and decided to punish Orunmila. He quickly went to Ogun's (deity of Iron) house to rope Orunmila. He told him Orunmila said he is Ogun's enemy, that Orunmila wanted to kill Ogun. Ogun became very angry and set out to fight Orunmila, he made his way to Ojà Èjìgbòròmekùn.
Orunmila sold all the animals he brought to the market and gained a lot of money. He used some of his profit to buy many beautiful items any wealthy man should have. He was very happy.
On his way home, he met Ogun along the road and Ogun started fighting Orunmila. Ogun fought Orunmila and threw away all his money and properties. Orunmila came home with loss (Òfò). He was very sad and couldn't figure out what he could have done wrong to Ogun. He didn't know the fight was planned by Èsù.
Very funny. Èsù visited Orunmila the second day to sympathize and commiserate with him, Èsù pretended as if he knew nothing about what happened to his friend.
Èsù told Orunmila that, "Tí esín bá dá'ni atun'gùn i.e "whenever you fall, you try to rise again and never give up till you make it".
Orunmila made the same mistake the second time, this time he was fought by Òrìsà Ìja and went home with nothing. The third time he was fought by Òrìsà Òsóòsì and again went home with nothing.
Orunmila repeated that same mistake the fourth time, now Èsù promised to fight Orunmila by himself. He took his big head stick (Kùmòn) and used his Ofe charm (power's of our forefathers charm) to disappear from one place to another within seconds, be it a short or long distance. He used it to enter the sky and used his stick to cover the face of the sun. There then arrived an eclipse of the Sun.
Èsù did that so that it would be difficult for Orunmila to recognize him. He started fighting Orunmila and Orunmila was afraid because he had never seen this kind of demon fighting him before. He started calling on his IFA priest.
Orunmila said:
" I know the first person who fought me was Ogun, followed by Ìja and the Òsóòsì, they are deities and I know many things about them. Who is this strange demon who turned a day into night with a sudden eclipse, and moved towards me in darkness?"
Èsù fell sorry for Orunmila, he moved toward him, jumped up and travelled to the sky the second time to remove his stick and the sky turn it back to day. That was when Orunmila discovered that Èsù was the demon fighting him. He asked Èsù what he had done to deserve such a fight from his best friend? Èsù confessed he was the one that made Ogun, Ìja and Òsóòsì to fight Orunmila. He then reminded Orunmila of his promise. Orunmila felt very sorry and he begged Èsù, he told Èsù that he forgot the promise and that he was going to bring him a big male goat as soon as he got home. Èsù forgave Orunmila and Orunmila's business started booming. Èsù blessed and prayed for Orunmila and Baba became very wealthy.
*Èsù is a very good Òrìsà, Èsù is not Satan and he doesn't fight unnecessarily.
Under this Ifa story, Èsù punished Orunmila because he forgot to fulfill his promise to him.
He made Orunmila learn that "a promise is a debt".
Don't make a promises you won't or forget to fulfill.
*Èsù is a great Òrìsà and one of the deities selected by Olodumare to have some kind of check and balance in life.
Óóro Èsù !!!
*Èsù is a good Òrìsà he answers prayers, he blesses people with every Ire (goodness and prosperity) they seek. *Èsù can be the greatest friend and helper of man, when they don't cross their boundaries. Do good and see the good side of Èsù, do bad and see his other side.
*Èsù ò gba ìrégbè (Èsù doesn't want nonsense), all you need is to cooperate with him, always appease him, pray to him, ask for his guidance and blessings, give him all that he requests from you on time. Worship Èsù with a pure mind.
Èsù is the police of the universe.
Èsù is a good Òrìsà !!!
#Èsü will bless us all and never fight us.
Ogbe ate…
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