Nigerian-born elite boxer who fought for England, faces deportation for illegal immigration.

Bilal Fawaz was detained at the Tinsley House Immigration Centre at Gatwick Airport in West Sussex in November.

Edinburgh ‘Sleep in the Park’ seeks £4m to fight homelessness

Thousands of people including Sir Bob Geldof will sleep out in freezing conditions in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh tonight to raise money to tackle homelessness.

Nigerian widow photoshops her late husband into family photos to celebrate his birthday

A Nigerian widow celebrated her late husband's posthumous birthday in a rather unique way and it has touched Nigerians and others on social media.


‘superpowers’ have become an online sensation.

Nigerian woman awarded Member of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

Olufunke Abimbola-Akindolie a talented woman has made Nigeria proud after she was given an award of honour by the queen of England.

Endangered Pandas Are Being Followed With Tracking Devices.

Giant pandas, which are named as such to distinguish them from red pandas, can live between 20 and 30 years. Unlike other types of bears, pandas don’t hibernate during the winter.

These Alabama Moms Did A Photoshoot To Tear Down The Stigma Of Breastfeeding.

A group of Alabama mothers was tired of the shame thrown at mothers who breastfeed in public.

The legacy of Funmilayo Ransome Kuti;First woman to drive a car in Nigeria.

Do you know who the first woman to drive a car in Nigeria was? She was a politician, activist for the rights of women, guru and teacher; her revolutionary ideas changed the rights of Nigerian women forever! This woman was one of the most prominent leaders and good examples of her generation!
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