Student, 18, who is 55th victim of London's 2018 murder spree was Facebook friends with Tanesha

Israel Ogunsola was found fatally wounded by officers in Hackney at 8pm yesterday
An 18-year-old student who became the 55th victim of London's 2018 murder spree was stabbed five times on New Year's Eve in a previous attack, friends say. Israel Ogunsola was found fatally wounded by officers in Hackney at 8pm yesterday and died at the scene half an hour later despite receiving first aid.Two boys both aged 17 were arrested on suspicion of murdering the computer programming student, who was helped by an off-duty paramedic until the London Ambulance Service arrived.One of his friends tweeted: 'Another black brother gone because of this road life. When will people realise that the road and gang life only leads to either death or prison? RIP Israel.
'It later emerged a Facebook profile under Israel's name showed he was friends with Tanesha Melbourne, 17, who was shot dead on Monday evening in Tottenham, North London. Mr Ogunsola is also believed to have been friends with Coventry City FC goalkeeper Corey Addai, who tweeted: 'RIP Israel. Fully feeling this one.'It emerged today that Mr Ogunsola was one of a group of teens who were attacked by rival gang members at a New Year's Eve party.
Steve Frank Navarez-Jara was the first person to be killed in 2018.The 20-year-old was stabbed on New Year's Day in Old Street, North London, alongside Mr Ogunsola who was knifed as a 'warning', a family friend claimed. The family friend, who refused to be named, said: 'Israel was lovely, I couldn't believe it when I heard he had been killed. He was stabbed five times at St Bart's Court over New Year as well. I would not have let him out the house if it were my son.'London's streets are so dangerous. Young people are being slaughtered every day. If it means bringing back more stop and search, then so be it.' He added: 'We are struggling to come to terms with what has happened. He has an older brother and sister, he was the baby of the house. We are all heartbroken.'He said the family are from Nigeria and came to London in 1985, adding that his son was an Arsenal fan who once trialled for the club. 
One friend, who went to Hackney's City Academy with Israel, said: 'I used to sit on the lunch table with him, he was greedy.He was very intelligent and humble.'He was very good at PE and English. All of his friends had gone to uni, they went to Leicester, Birmingham, to get out the ends, to get out the hood.'This is like the purge, it's like a postcode war. There are so many gangs; Balance, Homerton, The 9, Fields, ZT, Kingsmead, Jack Dunning. 
He was popular.' Pastor Tayo Ogunmefun baptised Mr Ogunsola when he was born and expressed devastation at the murder. He said: 'He regularly attended church, every Sunday.'Israel wanted to be a computer programmer, he was a bright young boy with his whole life ahead of him. I was devastated when I heard about his death.'It is so very sad. His family, because they are Christian they try and cope using their faith. I had heard he has involved the Bartholomew Court stabbings, but I was out of the country and do not know the details.' Referring to knife crime and the surge in youth murders he added: 'It is very bad and very, very sad, I have been in this community for 25 years and in recent times it has become so bad.' Just four hours before Israel was found by police, a man aged 53 died outside Betfred bookmakers in nearby Clapton following a suspected fight at about 4.30pm.It brings the total number of suspected murders in London so far this year past 50, with fatal stabbings in England and Wales at the highest level since 2010/11.
The escalating violence across the UK has been especially acute in London, with 13 people killed within two weeks last month - and six already in April.A terrified mother-of-three today claimed 'nowhere in London is safe' after telling how she came across two murders in East London in the space of three hours.Regina Thomas, 31, said up to 40 people gathered around the unconscious victim, aged 53, outside the betting shop after emergency services rushed to the scene.
The dental nurse at Upper Clapton Dental Surgery in Hackney saw him lying on the pavement as she was leaving work around 5pm yesterday.Miss Thomas, who has children aged five, six, and seven, was shocked when she came across another murder scene walking near her home just three hours later.She said: 'Nowhere in London is safe for my children except my home. I left work, I got in, got changed and went to dinner - and every step of the way someone's killed.She was working when she heard a commotion outside an hour earlier, adding: 'It's very shocking, quite frightening and awful to think I was just across the road. 
'He could have come to this shop and attacked me. Earlier I heard a noise and the commotion but it happens a lot in Hackney so I try not to be a bystander.' It was shouting, 'oi oi', someone was trying to stop someone else, I don't know if it was stopping from fleeing or stopping the argument but there were at least 15 people out there.' I left work and this was the first thing I saw someone's been murdered. After 5pm when I left there was between 30 and 40 people there so someone must have seen where the attacker went.' I knew someone was hurt because I saw him on the floor I saw just legs. Paramedics brought him inside the betting shop and tended to him in there.' 
She found out the man had died and the second police scene she came across was a murder later that evening. She said: 'I went with my parent to have dinner, turned off to Morning Lane five minutes away from where I live and it was another something has happened.'Now I know it's another murder and it's frightening, I have children and I'm worried. It seems like the murderers are getting younger and younger so I cannot be sure that my children are safe.
'Their neighbour's child could be 11-years-old but that 11-year-old could be a potential threat to my children. I'm very angry because it's not fair, why does a mother have to hear that her son is killed?'On the surge in violence in London, she said: 'It's disgusting, the world we live in I wish people had more value in life and didn't take it so flippantly.' I've probably come across at least ten blue and white tapes in my life and I wish I wasn't so desensitised to it that's the most worrying thing.'I'm not shocked, I'm not up in arms about it, for me, it's just another day in Hackney.
 It's not good enough - something needs to be done we need to bring backstop and search.'Some people say it's good, some say it's not, but at the end of the day the numbers of violent crimes have risen very quickly so it might have been something bad in the past but it may have saved lives.' Yesterday's homicides come after a 17-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy was killed following a postcode war which has gripped London. Tanesha was outside the home of her boyfriend's mother when she was shot on Monday evening in Tottenham, North London. The teenager was one of the dozens of people to be murdered in London this year, after getting caught up in a terrifying postcode war ravaging the streets of the capital.
Also on Monday night, 16-year-old Amaan Shakoor, became the 49th victim of the continuing bloodshed after he was shot in the face in Walthamstow. By this morning, the Metropolitan Police had launched 55 murder investigations in 2018 11 on January, 16 on February, 22 in March and six in April. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has blamed social media for the rise in killings, particularly among children. She has said trivial disputes could escalate into violence 'within minutes' when rivals set out to goad each other on the internet.

Philip Glanville, the Mayor of Hackney, tweeted last night: 'Two awful incidents in Hackney tonight, two lives cut short by violence.' Thoughts with family and friends. A witnessed response of dedicated emergency services to the fatal stabbing in Morning Lane.' Mr Glanville said social media appeared to be playing a part in intensifying the problem. He said the street violence problem was 'complex' and required a 'multilayered response', but added: 'Can't ignore the impact of reduced police resources & the role of social media.' Video producer Jonathan Fisher said he saw a group of girls crying by the police cordon last night.'
 I cycled down Morning Lane three hours ago to get to the pub. Can't go back the same way because a lad got stabbed to death in the time since. Group of lasses beside themselves in tears at the police tape.' Other residents spoke about hearing the helicopter land at the scene as paramedics fought to save the young man. A woman named Danielle tweeted: 'Listening to the sirens and helicopter. 
So sad for the lives lost!' Another added on social media: 'I've been listening to the police and chopper thinking, not another one.' Andrew Sissons tweeted: 'A really sinister atmosphere and wretched feeling in the air I am stood in my garden watching the helicopter less than 100 meters from Morning Lane, Hackney senseless and tragic.' Speaking about the Hackney death, a police spokesman said: 'Shortly before 8pm on Wednesday, officers on patrol on Link Street in Hackney were approached by a man suffering from stab injuries.' Officers immediately provided the man with first aid. The London Ambulance Service and London's Air Ambulance attended.
'The man, who is believed to be aged in his early 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene at 8.24pm.''We sent two ambulance crews and an incident response officer to the scene. Despite extensive efforts by the medics, the patient died at the scene' Speaking about the Clapton death, a police spokesman said: 'Police were called at 4.27pm to a bookmaker after reports of a male unconscious.' Officers attended with LAS and London's Air Ambulance. Despite the efforts of medical staff the male, believed to be aged in his 50s, was pronounced dead at the scene. 'Officers are working to inform next of kin.
The victim is believed to have been involved in an altercation with another male who has since left the scene.' A crime scene is in place. There have been no arrests. The Homicide and Major Crime Command have been informed. Enquiries continue.' And an ambulance spokesman added to the Clapton incident: 'We were called at 4.23pm today to Upper Clapton Road, E5, to reports of an assault.' We sent two ambulance crews, an incident response officer and dispatched London's Air Ambulance to the scene.'Sadly, despite extensive efforts to resuscitate the patient, he died at the scene.' 
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