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From the slums of Ojuelegba, Wizkid has risen to the level of a world-class star and has had his music played virtually in several corners around the world. They say music unites souls and the young man has evidently delivered tunes that will play in the hearts of millions of his fans scattered around the globe forever.

Ayo was born on July 16, 1990, and grew up in Surulere in his family home with a Christian mother and Muslim father along with 12 female siblings. The young boy was majorly influenced by music from King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti, and Bob Marley which he admitted to being the cushion to his heart while growing up in a polygamous home. As an aspiring musician, he had to convince his father of his passion by making frequent visits to the studio. He got lucky when Naeto C mentored and coached him at 15 to activate his fullest potential.

At age 11, Interestingly, the young boy was already shooting for the stars and made his first album with one of Nigeria's celebrated music icons, late OJB Jezreel. The seven-track album was a collaborative one with the Glorious Five, a group he and a couple of his church friends formed. With the stage name, Lil' Prinz, in 2006, Ayo gained the support of family and friends when he released the album in church. Little did Ayo know his breakthrough was to activate eight years after. Thousands of Nigerians first came to know Wizkid after he was discovered by singer, Banky W in 2009. Wasting no time, he was signed on to record label Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E). Whom much is given, much is expected, in 2010, the 19-year-old at the time, officially launched his career with the release of Hola At Your Boy, which gained him the award for Next Rated at the Headies. With the song, he immediately gained the attention of many young Nigerians who fell easily for his cuteness and swag. Unrelenting, he followed it with the release of his first studio album in 2001 titled Superstar. The album had major hit singles such as Tease Me/Bad Guys, Don't Dull, Love My Baby, Pakurumo and Oluwa Lo Ni, all which rocked Nigerian charts for weeks. Having gained more confidence and acceptance, the young man went on to release a second studio album titled Ayo in September 2014. The album was loaded with hit singles such as Jaiye Jaiye, On Top Your Matter, One Question, Joy, Bombay and Show You the Money, all which sealed his place as a great artist in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He, however, didn't stop there, in 2015, Starboy decided to tell his success story 
and announced his plans to release a third studio album. Although he didn't come through, he marked his terrain as an international superstar with the release of Ojuelegba and went on to perform with the likes of Chris Brown as well as do major collaborations with big names such as Drake and Skepta. Still, on the matter, he managed to release an EP titled Sounds From The Other Side, which again reminded his fans and millions of people around the world the stuff he is really made of. In 2016, Wizkid regained his position as one of the greatest artistes from Nigeria when he featured on a song with Drake titled One Dance. The single reached number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a position it kept for 10 non-consecutive weeks.

In March 2013, when Wizzy baby started having issues with E.M.E over contract negotiations, things got really ugly and following the expiration of his 5-year contract with the record label, Wizkid left the and established his label imprint Starboy Entertainment. In September 2017, the Starboy sold-out Royal Albert Hall in London. The success of that day made him vow to repeat such with the iconic 02 Arena. It was only a matter of time, in April 2018, tickets to Afrorepublik had already sold out weeks before Wizzy took the stage.

Grand performances from the likes of Mr Eazi, Tekno, Tiwa Savage, Not3s, Yxng Bane and Maleek Berry had the crowd of 20,000 cheerings and dancing in excitement before Wizkid stepped out to take the fans on a wild roller coaster of good music. Needless to say, he made history that very night.

After the 02 Arena, people assumed the Starboy had done the greatest until he was unmasked as the first African artist to walk at one of the famed house’s shows of Dolce and Gabanna. Wizkid walked alongside the world-famous model, Noami Campbell. The same woman who introduced him at his Afrorepublik show in London just a few weeks prior. According to reports, the 27-year-old superstar is worth about N4 billion and for the Baba Nla, this is only just the beginning and fans are elated with anticipation over his soon-to-be-released album he has promised them he is working on. For anyone who ever doubted growth and progress, Wizkid has proven over the years, the true power of dreams and passion.

15-year-old graduates from college with degree in biomedical engineering

DAVIS, Calif. (WHDH) A 15-year-old boy from California has earned a college degree in biomedical engineering before he’s old enough to legally get a driver’s license. Tanishq Abraham recently received his diploma from the University of California.Davis, graduating with highest honours, summa cum laude.“Of course, I feel very happy, very excited, and I’m very proud of my accomplishments,” Abraham said. His parents chauffeured him to classes because he can’t drive yet, but his father, Taji Abraham, explained how much pride he has for his son.“He’s got a lot of passion and we have to keep up with him,” he beamed. Abraham plans on getting his PhD and eventually going to medical school.

Can you spot the eggs?

This egg-citing Easter puzzle is guaranteed to scramble your brain...Children are hunting 10 of the chocolate egg treats, but can you spot them all? You might think you’ve found them but don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched. The brainteaser was created by parenting site ChannelMum.com after research found 85 per cent of parents give Easter eggs to their kids. And more than half will organise an Easter egg hunt for their children to take part in, while 28 per cent make bonnets and 64 per cent will sit down to create other Easter-themed professions.

On average, children will receive five large eggs setting parents back £17  with a lucky one in 50 receiving a bumper haul of 11 or more. But just 13 per cent of children will attend church this Easter, while just a third of parents explain the religious meaning being the holiday to their offspring. Siobhan Freegard, founder of ChannelMum.com said: “In the past, we’ve seen parents shell out for up to 17 eggs per child, so this year’s average of just five sees mums and dads sensibly rein in on egg-excessive spending.“Instead of giving expensive big Easter Eggs, organised egg hunts are a fast-growing trend a great way to get active and burn off those extra choccy calories.”

On average, children will receive five large eggs setting parents back £17 with a lucky one in 50 receiving a bumper haul of 11 or more. But just 13 per cent of children will attend church this Easter, while just a third of parents explain the religious meaning being the holiday to their offspring on average, children will receive five large eggs setting parents back £17 with a lucky one in 50 receiving a bumper haul of 11 or more. But just 13 per cent of children will attend church this Easter, while just a third of parents explain the religious meaning being the holiday to their offspring...

kidddiespost: Creme Egg 'freakshake' just in time for Easter.

Chocolate lovers could have all their Easter egg dreams come true after a cafe has introduced a giant Cadbury's Crème Egg 'freakshake'.The release of the decadent drink has come out just in time for Easter and is made up of five different types of chocolate. Unsurprisingly, the shake has become increasingly popular since it was put on the menu. The Crème Egg Freakshake has been created by the head chefs at Queenie’s Coffee Shop in Chelmsford and you won’t believe what it’s made up of.
Here is what's inside: It’s chocolate milkshake and chocolate sauce, with a thick layer of Nutella, topped with a chocolate doughnut with chocolate sprinkles, and then Mini Eggs, Galaxy chocolate eggs and a sliced Cadbury’s Crème Egg on top. Connor Baker and Ruby Mitchell, who run Queenie’s Coffee Shop in Exchange Way, Chelmsford, introduced a version of the Easter freakshake last year and it was so successful that they decided to bring it back.“It’s back by popular demand,” said Connor. “People have been asking us if we’d do it again this year and we don’t want to disappoint our customers."We sell freakshakes all year round but these are just for Easter. Everyone went crazy for the last year. They are the most popular seasonal item we have ever done.”As soon as Queenie’s posted that they were bringing back the Crème Egg freakshakes on social media, they were inundated with comments from delighted customers. Natalie said: “OMGGGGG!!!! We MUST! I’m drooling already xxx”Hannah simply posted: “Chocolate heaven!”Jez commented: “Oh my, we need these right now!”And regular customer Annie commented “Oh my God yes, I am so happy. Thank you!”Queenie's is serving the Creme Egg Freakshakes over the Easter period.

kiddiespost;Mum leaves toddler son , to find tot cover head to toe in NUTELLA

A mother was left shocked when she walked in on her son covering himself head-to-toe in NUTELLA. Clare Fallon, 32, was drying her hair in her bedroom upstairs whilst she thought her son, Harrison Bird, was playing peacefully downstairs, However, after finishing her beauty regime, Clare returned to her living room to find her three-year-old son covered in the chocolate spread. After getting the pot of Nutella from a low cupboard, Harrison had proceeded to smother himself and splatter it around the room. The mother-of-two quickly called an industrial carpet cleaner and showered Harrison for ten minutes, and has since left the Nutella on a shelf he cannot reach.
Clare, from Fleet, Hampshire, said: "When I walked in and saw him I was very angry and shouted at him that his Dad would be very angry at him.
"I was shocked that he had managed to do this, when I was only out of the room for about 20 minutes maximum.
"I quickly grabbed him and put him in the bath tub and showered the Nutella off of him, and luckily it came off quite quickly.

"But now I can't help but laugh at the photo, I think it's absolutely hilarious and everyone who has seen it thinks so too."
Clare, from Fleet, Hampshire, said: "When I walked in and saw him I was very angry and shouted at him that his Dad would be very angry at him."I was shocked that he had managed to do this when I was only out of the room for about 20 minutes maximum."I quickly grabbed him and put him in the bathtub and showered the Nutella off of him, and luckily it came off quite quickly. But now I can't help but laugh at the photo, I think it's absolutely hilarious and everyone who has seen it thinks so too."After discovering that her son had covered both his body and the living room in Nutella, panic set in for Clare.
She said: "My first reaction was a worry - we had just moved into a new build house and I was worried about what my boyfriend was going to say.
Clare, from Fleet, Hampshire, said: "When I wa"But Harrison continued to slap his thighs, and Nutella kept splattering all over the floor.
"Luckily I managed to get a carpet cleaner to come round very early the next morning and the house was cleaned.
"Now we've learnt our lesson to make sure that the Nutella stays on a higher level in the cupboard so he can't reach it!"lked in and saw him I was very angry and shouted at him that his Dad would be very angry at him.
"I was shocked that he had managed to do this, when I was only out of the room for about 20 minutes maximum.
"I quickly grabbed him and put him in the bath tub and showered the Nutella off of him, and luckily it came off quite quickly.

"But now I can't help but laugh at the photo, I think it's absolutely hilarious and everyone who has seen it thinks so too."

Can YOU spot the twins on the beach?

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The latest puzzle to bamboozle the internet could leave you with double vision, as it challenges you to spot a pair of twins on a busy beach. In a scene familiar to thousands of parents who have taken their kids to the seaside over the heatwave, dozens of children are seen frolicking in the surf. The animation sees up to 40 kids playing in the sand, framed by palm trees and seen against a backdrop of mountains and sea. Amid sandcastles, bouncy balls, toys, food and even a flying fish, identical siblings are hidden... but can you spot them? The puzzle was concocted by parenting experts ChannelMum.com, whose spokesman, Siobhan Freegard, said: 'Every parent will know what it's like to look at a sea of other kids and wonder exactly where their child is.' And for those with twins, it's double trouble which is exactly the case in this fiendish puzzle.' One the clue we can offer is that although the twins are indeed identical, they don't look exactly like you'll see why when you spot them.' The website, described as a community for parents, is popular among young families looking for support and advice on parenting.
A recent survey ran by the site's mothers, revealed they believe the most important attribute of being a good mum is 'always being there when your child needs you'.Answering your child's questions dozens of times is seen as essential by two-thirds of parents while doing the domestic drudgery such as cooking, washing and cleaning out of love is also considered key. Ninety-one per cent say 'wanting your child's happiness more than your own' is a sign you are a mum, while 86 per cent believe 'loving your child unconditionally' is the mark of a good parent. Other qualities women need to include 'going without so your child has what they need' and giving your children your time for bedtime stories and cuddles on the sofa. Ladies also believe you need to be home every night to tuck all your children into bed and be willing to dish out hugs and kisses on cue.

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'The little knitted octopuses worked brilliantly': How a Dublin knitting group helped these premature twins.

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BELIEVE IT OR not, knitted octopuses can be a great help to premature babies during the weeks they’re confined to incubators. The Rotunda Knitters Group, who knit clothing for premature babies, launched the Tentacles for Tinies initiative last year. As part of the project, the handmade octopus dolls are placed in the incubators to help the infants stop pulling on their medical tubes. Lesley-Anne Uzice, whose twins Eli and Ezra were born prematurely late last year, said the work of the Rotunda Knitters made what was a difficult time a little easier.“The first week or so, myself and my husband… it was so overwhelming,” she says. But the two octopuses worked brilliantly with the twins who were born at 27 weeks and now over six months later are strong and healthy.
Image result for 'The little knitted octopuses The little knitted octopuses worked brilliantly': How a Dublin knitting group helped these premature twins
 “It’s lovely,” Uzice says. “And we’ll have them [the octopuses] as a keepsake that we’ll have forever.”Part of the Rotunda Foundation, the Rotunda Knitters have been working to craft handmade clothing and accessories for premature babies. Their work also includes creating clothing for babies that unfortunately passed away. The work the volunteers do means it’s “one less thing” the parents need to worry about as they go through such a traumatic time, says founder Martina Duffy.

New 'Baby on Board' badges launched - for pregnant women on public transport.


A NEW CAMPAIGN has been launched seeking to get more commuters to give up their seat for pregnant people standing close by. The ‘Baby on Board’ badge campaign, a brainchild of Transport For Ireland (TFI), will see badges made available to expectant mothers so that they may give notice to their fellow travellers that they’d appreciate being allowed sit. The campaign follows a successful pilot programme run on Irish Rail services in recent times. The free badges, which appropriate the famous car sticker slogan seen around the world, are available at ‘many’ public transport locations nationwide a list of said locations will be made available here according to TFI. Further, expectant mums at 17 of the 20 national maternity hospitals will have the yellow badges given to them as part of the pregnancy information packs they receive at their first hospital appointment.TFI reckons this will see the badge reach 90% of pregnant women annually. You can expect a national advertising campaign across the airwaves promoting the badge in the coming days and weeks.

Build-A-Bear teddy leaves woman in tears as she presses paw and hears late mum say "I love you"

Image result for build a bear cream bear

A doting daughter was brought to tears when she was given a Build-A-Bear teddy with a recording of her late mum's voice. Bernadette Weekes' son Patrick Harris gave her the one-of-a-kind gift to lift her spirits following the death of her mum Margaret earlier this year.
The 55-year-old was Margaret's primary caregiver and was left devastated after she died. She was stunned when she was handed the bear, pressed one of its paws and heard her 85-year-old mother's voice saying "I love you"Great-grandmother Margaret, from the US city of Atlanta, Georgia, was well known for saying "I love you" to people she encountered, even complete strangers. Patrick had found an old video of her saying the phrase, and it as his idea to get a teddy bear with the voice recording so Bernadette could feel like her mum was always close by. Margaret, a mother of 11 children, grandmother to 17 and great-grandmother to 11, died on May 30.
Patrick surprised his mum with the gift in a heartwarming video that has gone viral on the internet. At first, she laughed it off as any other teddy bear. But as she reads the bear's name - Mother Love - and Patrick instructs her to squeeze it, she suddenly hears Margaret saying "I love you"Bernadette then lets out a joyous scream before breaking into tears. Patrick said: "One of my grandmother's favourite sayings was 'I love you' - she said it to just about anybody, even strangers. 
"I was able to pull up an old video of her saying it and immediately got the idea of making sure it was something my mum could have closeby whenever she needed that extra comfort"So I went to Build-A-Bear and built her a bear with my grandmothers' voice saying 'I love you'."She had no idea. When I gave it to her she immediately started breaking down just from reading the name Mother Love.."Now she sleeps with the bear every night and I'll probably need to get a new battery soon."I knew she would be surprised and love it. I was nervous it might have been too much for her to handle but she loved it."Mum said it's one of the greatest gifts she’ll ever get and she feels like she has been given her mum back."

IN WITH A BANG! Baby miraculously survives being ripped from mum’s womb.

Image result for Baby miraculously survives being torn out of mother’s womb during fatal car crash
AN unborn baby miraculously survived after being ripped from her mother’s womb and flung from a truck during a horror road crash. The child's heavily pregnant mum was a passenger in the vehicle when the driver lost control and capsized on a motorway. As the vehicle turned over she was thrown from the cabin before being crushed by planks of wood that also fell from the truck and tore the tot from her belly. Tragically the mum-to-be was killed in the accident, which happened near Cajati, between Sao Paulo and Curitiba in southeast Brazil.
But shocked paramedics then discovered the crying baby girl lying on a grass verge several metres away.Incredibly the infant, whose umbilical cord had been severed during the accident, was found in perfect health and without a single scratch. She is now being treated at the nearby Pariquera-Acu regional hospital’s neonatal intensive care ward. Police and social services are trying to identify the child’s deceased mother, who was 39 weeks pregnant and was found without any documents.
Elton Fernando Barbosa, the first paramedic on the scene on the BR-116 highway, “It was a serious accident with one reported person deceased.“When I arrived there, I saw that the truck driver was injured, and he was seen by the first aid team.“I went looking for the fatal victim who was underneath the wood when I heard the cries of a baby. It was which total apprehension because there had been no reports of a third victim.”He said he found the baby several metres away from the mother and quickly called for the ambulance to take her to hospital.
He said: “The foetus was literally expelled by the impact on the mother, the impact was so great that this opened up the mother’s belly and the child was ejected.“She was perfect, healthy, without a scratch. We can say that, in those circumstances, it was really a miracle that she survived.“I’ll be honest. It was God. From what I saw, I have no idea how she came out alive. The mother was underneath several planks of wood. I don’t know how this child got out of there with her life.”The paramedic added: “It was emotional. Unfortunately, we had the death of the mother, which is something we always never happens. But in the midst of the tragedy, we were able to save the baby.
“This event has marked my life. I don’t think there has ever been an accident like this in the history of the motorway. We lost a life, but we were responsible for giving life to a girl.”Solange Batista, a nurse at the Pariquera-Acu hospital, said staff had given the baby, who weighs 6 pounds eight ounces, the name Giovanna, which means ‘protected by God’.She said: “She is a really calm baby, she doesn’t cry, if you play with her she even smiles.”

The wonderful civilization of the Benin kingdom (Nigeria)

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The kingdom of Benin was founded in the thirteenth century by the Edo people. It is the ‘daughter’ of the Yoruba civilization of Ile-Ife. This kingdom was located at that time in the south of Nigeria. The tale of the European explorers and historians about this civilization, known for its sumptuous and prolific bronze sculptural arts, gives an idea about the prosperity and the organization in olden days. A part of those bronzes was stolen by the English colonizers and are now in British museums. It’s our duty to have them back.
‘The city is very big. When we get in, we walk through a large and straight street, wide and with no cobblestones. It seems to be 7 or 8 times wider than Warmoes street in Amsterdam. We think this street is 7 kilometres long. 
We can see a lot of streets on the side which goes straight… houses in this city are all lined up just like our houses in Holland’.‘(The inhabitants of Benin) were absolutely not inferior to Dutch regarding cleanliness. They wash and they brush their houses to such a point that they are polished and shiny like mirrors’.
‘The palace of the king of Benin contained numerous apartments for the ministers of the prince and beautiful galleries which are for most of them as wide as these of the Amsterdam stock exchange. They are supported by wooden pillars decorated with red copper on which are depicted their victories. Each corner (of the royal houses) is trimmed with a small pyramid and on the peak of each pyramid there’s a red copper bird perched on it with their wings spread’ The palace of the king is a set of buildings which occupies as much place as the city of Harlem and is surrounded by a wall’.
‘The palace of the queen alone is 3 leagues wide. The city is 5 leagues wide. The city and the palace together have an 8-league-perimeter (it is to say 30 km)’ .‘There are a lot of cities in Benin’ and ‘a very large number of villages’.‘In one side, there is the royal palace which is alone an absolute city wherein live a great number of qualified men, servants and women. On the other side, the city itself, that contains forty-or-so neighbourhoods; and each has its own specialization’.We can see the extraordinary refinement of scenery that is now scattered in museums. There are bronzes and sculpted elephant tusks, sculpted wooden doors covered with thin brass foils modelled on the sculptures. Sculpted beam treated the same way; wooden pillars covered with bronze layers linked together, ivory latches. The audience room was wide (around 100×55 feet), with a huge central impluvium supported by hundreds of pillars; a wooden polished seat along the 4 walls. With the exception of this seat, every wooden thing was profusely sculpted. There were as many palaces as there were kings who ruled in the country: 33 in Benin, 6 in Abomey…’.

The life and times of Oba Eweka II of Benin.

The life and times of Oba Eweka II of Benin
The Benin Kingdom has had 40 Obas, including the current one, Oba Ewuare II. Let's take a walk down memory lane to dig into the life and times of the 37th Oba of Benin, Oba Eweka II. Oba Aiguobasinwin Ovonramwen, Eweka II, was the Oba of Benin from July 24, 1914, to February 1933. He was bold and courageous and these attributes earned him the appellation of Ovbiodu. He was a skilful brass smith and an expert in ivory woodcarving before his ascension to the throne.

The British punitive expedition in Benin City in 1897 was disastrous to the throne of Benin. This was the period his father, Oba Ovonramwem, was deposed by the British and exiled to Calabar, where he would later die. During Oba Ovonramwen’s years in exile, the Obaseki of Benin, Chief Agho Ogbedeoyo, worked with the British to rule the kingdom. The monarchy almost became extinct during the British expedition.

When Oba Ovonramwen died in exile in 1914 his accession was challenged and became a matter of debate. Chief Agho Ogbedeoyo, who acted as the Oba of Benin between 1897 and 1914, would have been crowned as Oba if not for the intervention of some Benin chiefs. The crowning of Prince Aiguobasimwin Ovoranmwen restored the monarchy. He was crowned with the title Eweka II. He was the first post-imperial Benin monarch.

He took the oath of allegiance to the British imperial king, making it the first time a Benin monarch would be taking an oath of allegiance to another king. The royal compound destroyed and looted by the British was rebuilt by him, and he re-established the traditional structure of the kingdom. The royal coral regalia of Oba Ovonramwen seized by the British was returned.

Eweka II who restored the craft guilds also commissioned objects to replace those looted by the British. He was said to have started the Benin Arts and Crafts School. He, however, had enemies who often accused him of human sacrifice. Whenever he was accused of this, he would be vigorously investigated and his palace would be searched but nothing incriminating would be found. Oba Eweka II died in February 1933.

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