Curry is the most popular food to Instagram.

Fresh aloo gobi, sabzi masala, saag murgh and dal gosht from south London restaurant Masala Wala Cafe

Man stops 94-year-old woman driving wrong way on highway.

Image result for Man stops 94-year-old woman driving wrong way on highway
It's a sight no one wants to see while driving 75 miles an hour on a highway, a car coming full speed, right at you. That's what one Lubbock man saw while driving a transit van last week.

Homeless vet sues couple who raised $400K for him on GoFundMe.

The homeless veteran who helped a stranded motorist has filed a lawsuit against the woman and her boyfriend to stop them from spending what remains from a $400,000 GoFundMe campaign they created for him, according to a report.

Easyjet passengers in extraordinary mass brawl 'after woman gets breasts out'

A group of easyJet passengers have been caught 'brawling' after tempers flared on board when a woman allegedly flashed her breasts and gave lap dances.

baby drowns in pool behind mum and desperate child tries to alert her.

Distressing footage shows a drowning toddler frantically struggling in the water for around 90 seconds while her mum sat texting just yards away.

Mother battled desperately to save her 10-month-old baby boy after he choked to death on a piece of apple

Benjamin Masters was on a family day out at Drusillas Park in Alfriston, East Sussex, when he started to choke on a piece of apple
A 10-month-old baby choked to death despite desperate attempts by his mother to save him after being given a piece of apple during a family day out at the zoo, an inquest heard.

Two men stabbed in broad daylight as 'gang of 10 teenagers storm building

I want to make it absolutely clear that Merseyside Police will not tolerate knife crime and alongside our partners, we will continue to educate our young people, enforce and act on any information given to us, to make the streets safer.

Ten-week-old baby girl dies after being strapped in carrier for 15 HOURS in hotel room by drunk parents

A 10-week-old baby girl died after being strapped into a car seat for 15 hours and left in a hotel room by her drunken parents, a damning report reveals. The baby, known only as 'Child M', is one of three of the couple's seven children to tragically die in the space of two years.

Twirling Theresa shows off her new moves as she joins in with a dance by Scouts on the final leg of her African tour

Theresa May (pictured today in Kenya)  dusted off her famous 'Maybot' moves again today as she joined in a dance with a group of Scouts while on the final leg of her African tour
Theresa May dusted off her famous 'Maybot' moves again today as she joined in a dance with a group of Scouts while on the final leg of her African tour. The Prime Minster strutted her stuff as she was presented with a band and a group of dancers after touring a UN building in Kenya today.

Homeowner catches cheeky neighbour dumping her rubbish on his driveway

The footage shows the neighbour approaching the driveway before appearing to dump her rubbish all over it
An incensed homeowner has taken to Twitter after his neighbour allegedly dumped her rubbish all over his driveway because she 'missed the binmen'.

Terrifying new breed of 'SUPER SNAKE' discovered.

There are thousands of the 'super snakes' in Florida already 
A terrifying new species of "super snake " has been discovered and scientists have warned it can "rapidly adapt" to different habitats and "may not die out".

Shopper watches WORMS wriggle out of Tesco fish

The stomach-churning moment the creatures slithered out the fish was caught on camera
Disturbing footage captures live worms wriggle out of a piece of monkfish bought from Tesco. Louis Yssel was disgusted to find the bright red bugs slither out of fleshy fillet he had purchased from the fresh fish counter.

Woman screams in terror as whale surges out of water.

Barnacles can be seen on the whale's skin and many of these were left on the boat after it smashed on to its front 
A 'vengeful' whale has given a group of watchers an almighty fright after crashing down on the front of their boat scraping off barnacles and damaging the vessel in the process.

Swimmer saved by lifeguards seconds before she drowns.

Dramatic pictures show a woman being rescued moments before drowning after being battered by waves in Sydney, Australia.

Monkey breaks out of zoo and goes straight to McDonald's for chips and apples

An exotic monkey escaped from a zoo last night and headed straight for a meal of chips and apples at a McDonald's.S tunned diners filmed the Goeldi's marmoset jumping from tables and tucking into treats at the restaurant some nine miles from the zoo.

UFO enthusiast convinced Nasa Rover pictures are proof of alien life

A UFO enthusiast believes he has uncovered proof of bodies on the surface of Mars. Retired civil servant Steve Martin, from Kent, trawled through thousands of pictures taken by NASA's Mars Rover searching for anything out of the usual.

Little boy ruins mum's perfect proposal by pulling pants down.

Everyone wants the perfect marriage proposal. If you're planning one, no doubt you'll have mapped out every tiny detail in your head and if you're hoping for one, you'll have something romantic in mind.

Google Maps users spot terrifying 'ghost' girl lurking in cemetery

We've all been spooked by out of the ordinary shapes moving out of the corner of our eye or a mysterious figure on the horizon. Now a scary clip has emerged of what some users are claiming looks like a child ghost hiding in a cemetery.

Russia plans £4.5million Jurassic Park-style cloning facility to bring extinct species

Scientists from Russia and South Korea have teamed up for some time
Extinct woolly mammoths, cave lions and other long-gone species may be brought back to life in a new £4.5million cloning facility in Russia, scientists claim. The new Jurassic Park-style centre will be a "world-class paleo-genetic scientific hub" in the world's coldest city, Yakutsk, in the remote north-east of the country.

Girl, five, stuns Instagram with her unbelievably long locks.

Mia Aflalo, 5, from Tel Aviv, has been hailed as a rising star after photos of her stunning hair, styled into voluminous curls here, left followers speechless
A five-year-old girl is taking the internet by storm due to her long luscious locks, racking up almost 50,000 followers on Instagram. Mia Aflalo, from Tel Aviv, has been hailed as a rising star after modelling photos of her stunning dark locks left followers in awe.

'Insect apocalypse' sweeps through Russian town.

Infestation: Millions of midges have invaded the town of Taganrog in southern Russia
A Russian town has been invaded by a plague of flying bugs dubbed an 'insect apocalypse'. Swarms of midges have filled the air and covered all exposed surfaces in the port city of Taganrog, some 40 miles from the Ukrainian border in southern Russia.

Can YOU spot the tutu among the watermelons?

A puzzle by UK site Dancewear Central is bamboozling the internet and could leave you with double vision, as it challenges you to spot a tutu among a whole sea of watermelons
The latest puzzle to bamboozle the internet could leave you with double vision, as it challenges you to spot a tutu among a sea of watermelons. The tough animation by UK site Dancewear Central shows up to 300 slices of the fruit against a similarly coloured background.

YOUR day could be worse!

Agitated online users have shared the most infuriating and hilarious situations they have come across during their day-to-day lives, including one  furious man by the name of Coffee_exe who shared a picture of the moment he realised his wrap was just a wrap and no filling
Agitated online users have shared the most infuriating and hilarious situations they have come across during their day-to-day lives. The unfortunate men and women took to forum Diply to post the most annoying circumstances they had recently witnessed.

Man collapses with heart attack on date saved by his sweetheart.

Montgomery and Traynor (pictured) had been on their first date on Capitola Beach in Santa Cruz when he suddenly collapsed
A doctor 'kissed' her partner for the first time as she performed life-saving CPR after he collapsed during their first date on a California beach.

Man finally has cotton bud removed from his ear

stomach churning footage shows the moment an earbud is removed after being left in someone's ear for 10 years.

Pilot take part in the Kiki dance challenge.

This is the amusing moment a pilot decided to take a break from her flight duties and take part in the Kiki dance challenge.

Human FAECES parasite found in McDonald's salads.

More than 500 McDonald's customers became ill after a parasite typically found in human waste was found inside the fast food chain's salads.

Man has half his NOSE cut off and his ears removed because he wants to look like a living skull

A man with a love of skeletons has cut off his nose so he can look like a skull. Tattoo artist Kalaca Skull, whose real name is Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez, has spent two years undergoing extreme body modifications in his quest to change his face.

McDonald's mayhem as police officers are kicked while trying to arrest man

This is a dramatic moment two police officers were kicked and heckled as they struggled to arrest a man on the floor of a packed McDonald's. The officers were "repeatedly assaulted" as they detained the suspect after he allegedly fought customers at the fast-food restaurant in east London.

My skin tears and blisters at the slightest touch, but it won't stop me from modelling'

Maya Spencer-Berkeley
Until the age of 18 months old, I was just like any other kid, with baby soft skin and bright eyes. But when I started crawling, huge blisters popped up all over my body from the friction of the floor on my skin. My parents, both nurses, took me to the doctor right away, and after many tests, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), which affects only half a million people worldwide.

Unsettling footage appears to show boy's reflection moving away BEFORE he does

A mum has captured unsettling footage that appears to show her son's reflection moving away BEFORE he does.

Cristiano Ronaldo wins Goal of the Season vote.

Image result for Cristiano Ronaldo wins Goal of the Season vote

Cristiano Ronaldo's stunning overhead kick in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals for Real Madrid against his current club Juventus has been voted as Goal of the Season.

Twin sisters sold online as babies to a British couple for £8,000

Bright, graceful and confident, 18-year-old sisters Kiara and Keyara Wecker begin university looking forward to a brilliant and happy future... a world away from their dark and chaotic start in life. The twins were, as babies, at the centre of an international scandal after being sold online to British couple Judith and Alan Kilshaw. At six months old they were caught up in a transatlantic battle after it emerged a US couple had already adopted the sisters, who were then snatched back by their birth mother Tranda Wecker and sold on to the Kilshaws for £8,200. Now, nearly 18 years on, the Mirror has tracked down the sisters and can reveal how they left behind their distressing start in life after being settled with a loving church-going family. Speaking exclusively to the Mirror just weeks after the twins started at university where they are studying social sciences, their adoptive mum tells how “her babies” have flourished. The proud 56-year-old said: “At times it has been tough, sure it has, but they are our babies and we cannot be more proud of them."They have grown into fine young women, each with their own dreams and ambitions.
“Nothing will hold them back from their goals. From the day they were brought to us, they have been raised with unconditional love. God blessed them with our care and we are forever grateful.”The twins’ life is a world away from that of their birth mother, who has yet to find any stability, moving from one home to another and unable to hold down a job. Tranda was a 28-year-old mother of five when her four-month-old twins were adopted by a couple in San Bernardino, California, called Richard and Vickie Allen. Eight weeks later she talked the Allens into allowing her one last visit to say a final goodbye to the girls. However, after taking the twins out for the day she never returned. On December 1, 2000, the Kilshaws arrived in San Diego, 100 miles south, where Wecker introduced them to her infant daughters. Two days later Vickie Allen’s brother confronted the couple at their hotel and demanded the babies back. The Kilshaws claimed that until that moment they knew nothing of the Allens, and they quickly left the state. Over the following week, they drove with Wecker and her three-year-old daughter to St Louis, Missouri, to get the twins’ birth certificates, then on to Arkansas, where adoptions can be handled in as little as 10 days.
On December 22 the adoption papers were completed during a five-minute hearing. Within a week the Kilshaws had taken the twins by then renamed Kimberly and Belinda to their home in Buckley, North Wales. The seven-bedroom farmhouse was shared with Judith’s younger daughter, their two sons, six dogs, more than a dozen cats, two ferrets, a horse, a pony and two pot-bellied pigs. As the controversy over the twins’ sale erupted the FBI looked into it in the US while then-Prime Minister Tony Blair vowed to ban such sales. Eventually, Kiara and Keyara, who now live under different names that the Mirror has chosen not to reveal, were returned to the US after the courts removed them from the Kilshaws. They were flown to their home state of Missouri, where social services had already found a family for the girls. Their adoptive father, now 72, said from the home where the twins still happily live: “It was fate.“I remember seeing them on Good Morning America not long after they were handed over to the British couple.“I remember thinking to myself what a heartbreaking situation it was.“My wife was getting ready for work one morning and I was in bed having just retired, and I said, ‘Oh man, look at those cute little girls.’“Not long after I received a phone call from social services and they said, ‘We’ve got some twin girls and they are overseas. Would you take them? They need a stable home’.“I felt it was my duty to take them. They brought them straight from the airport to our home and we have never looked back since.
The twin baby girls arrived at their home in Missouri in good health despite their ordeal. Most people welcomed the twins into their new surroundings, but after all the controversy not everyone agreed with the move. Their adoptive father said: “My wife lost some friends over the fact we had taken Kiara and Keyara.“They thought they should be returned to Tranda, but social services didn’t want that to happen.”Living in Missouri for the early part of their lives, the girls were shielded from the scandal surrounding their dramatic start in life. Tranda Wecker failed to have any contact with the girls until 2006 when she launched a legal bid to gain access. Their adoptive mother said: “The girls were doing really well at the time. They were extremely settled and very happy.”
When Wecker went to court to gain access to the children, the courts ordered that it would only be permitted once the girls had been told their true identity by their adoptive parents and a social worker.“They were only six at the time,” said their mum. But in truth, we’ve never once hidden the truth from them. They know who they are.”At the time of the contact, Tranda Wecker vowed to get the girls back but, much as she did in 2001, she later turned her back on them again.“The contact the girls have with Tranda is down to them,” their mum said. But Keyara doesn’t want anything to do with her.”The twins worked hard throughout school and took an active part in sports there.
They both excelled in lacrosse and basketball as well as joining the school band, performing at their high school football team’s games. Now they have continued their passion by joining the band at their new university. For now, the two girls remain living at home with their parents, although they hope next year to move into halls of residence some 30 miles away. Although identical, the independent girls have grown up to have very different personalities. Keyara is known to be bubbly and outgoing while Kiara is more reserved and measured. Their proud and loving adoptive mother often posts pictures of the girls’ progress online, referring to them as “my babies” and “my queens”.In one post along with a picture showing the twins when they were around five years old, she wrote: “Back in the day when they were like sugar and spice and everything nice.”And a touching montage showing the girls at various ages, which she posted to celebrate their 15th birthdays, she wrote: “Today queen one and two turned 15 years old.“These girls have brought me joy and sorrow, but I still love them very very much. These girls have changed a lot over the years and I am happy to share it with them.”A joyful celebration of two lives that could have turned out so differently.

Toddler, 3, fighting for her life after contracting deadly strain

A three-year-old girl is fighting for her life after catching a deadly strain of E. coli on a family holiday. Harper Davis from Haverhill in Suffolk picked up the E. coli bug in Nottingham and it has left her in and out of intensive care and on dialysis.

36 photos that shows a striking resemblance between famous Americans and Indigenous Africans from the 19th century

These photos shared by @AfricanDynasty on Twitter shows an incredible level of the striking resemblance

Model ‘beat homeless man to death for asking for money at petrol station’ .

Footage has emerged of the moment a homeless man was beaten to death by a model he had just asked for money. Hivo Gonzalez, 32, is alleged to have used a fish bat to kill Pedro Cruz following an argument when he approached him for money.

I killed Bob Marley, ex-CIA agent confesses .

9-year-old Bill Oxley, ex-agent of America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is re-writing the history of the death of reggae legend Bob Marley, claiming he actually killed the legend. Marley tragically died aged only 36-years-old, leading music lovers worldwide to grieve as the Jamaican icon’s life and career was cut short following a four-year battle with cancer.

12 incredible libraries in the UK.

Britain is home to some seriously beautiful libraries. We're talking historic buildings packed with huge collections that put the Beauty and the Beast library to shame.

One person stabbed, 49 knives seized and more than 370 arrests over Notting Hill carnival.

A staggering 370 arrests were made and nearly 50 knives seized by police at Notting Hill Carnival over the bank holiday weekend. Monday night saw the only stabbing of the annual event, with a male receiving non-life-threatening injuries at around 8.10pm in Ladbroke Grove. Metropolitan Police Federation said that 30 officers were injured "in the line of duty", including two who were spat at in the face and were taken to the hospital. During another incident, three police officers were bitten, with one of them also having to be taken to hospital for the injuries suffered. Footage taken during the three-day event shows a huge group of youths being chased through a busy street in Notting Hill by police.
Inspector Richard Berns, who is based in Camden, said on Twitter: "Five of my officers were violently attacked at Notting Hill Carnival. Three punched in the face."One bitten and headbutted, and another jumped on from behind. Three suspects arrested and one more will follow (ran off but we know who he is). Totally unacceptable!"Another suspect drove a motorbike at officers, hitting a police motorcyclist, and then sped off, sparking a chase from Notting Hill to Northolt involving the police helicopter.
The suspect was wanted on suspicion of grievous bodily harm against the officer and was arrested for dangerous driving and failing to stop. As of 10.15pm on Monday, Met Police said they had made 240 arrests on the Bank Holiday Monday and 133 on Sunday, which included 10 made by the British Transport Police (BTP). A further 12 arrests were made by BTP on Monday.
Officers detained 156 people on drugs offences, 69 on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon and nine on suspicion of sexual offences. Among the items seized were knives, a metal pole and a Taser. Last year some 313 arrests were carried out.
Notting Hill Carnival Gold Commander Dave Musker said: "We would like to thank all those who took to the streets to celebrate everything that the carnival stands for, in a kind and considerate manner."However, Monday night was marred by the news of a non-life-threatening stabbing at around 8.10pm in Ladbroke Grove. Thankfully this was the only incident of this nature throughout the whole weekend."He added: "I am very pleased with the results of the screening arches and the Section 60 order; 36 offensive weapons were taken off the streets by my officers and 373 arrests were made over the course of the weekend, which we expect could rise."Although I am happy with how the event ran overall, once again 30 of my colleagues were injured in the line of duty. Any assault on police is unacceptable."
Steve O'Connell, chairman of the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee said: "The number of injuries sustained by police officers is still unacceptably high and is a disgrace when those officers are there to help ensure Europe's biggest street event remains peaceful."On both Sunday and Monday, the carnival fell silent as thousands of people paid tribute to Grenfell Tower victims. At 3pm, revellers marked 72 seconds of silence in memory of the 72 people who died following the fire in June last year. The tower block is within half a mile of the parade route. Police were operating with enhanced stop-and-search powers in a bid to crack down on violence. 
Scotland Yard imposed a Section 60 order across the carnival area between 9am and 11.59pm. The order allowed officers to search people if they believed they were carrying offensive weapons or in anticipation of violence. The bank holiday weekend event was policed by the highest number of officers in six years. Almost 7,000, some from the Metropolitan Police's newly formed Violent Crime Task Force, policed Monday's event to "combat the threat of violent crime".After a wave of violent crime in the capital in recent months, Scotland Yard announced knife arches had been placed at "strategic points" along the route to help reassure people about their safety, though officials did not disclose where.
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