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Curry is the most popular food to Instagram.

Fresh aloo gobi, sabzi masala, saag murgh and dal gosht from south London restaurant Masala Wala Cafe
Grilled lamb chops at Lahore Kebab House, Whitechapel
Pigeon, pumpkin, peanuts and cucumber raita from the iconic Cinnamon Club
Aubergine and lentil vindaloo from Jack Monroe's book Cooking on a Bootstrap.Lamb Shank slathered in an aromatic Kashmiri Rogan Josh sauce at Gymkhana in London
Banana leaf roasted bream & samphire from Hoppers restaurant
Aubergine and cauliflower fritters from a vegan food fine selection of Indian dishes from Veeraswamy restaurant in London
Jaffna Black Rib Fry from Hoppers Sri Lankan restaurant
Dal makhani, kadhai paneer, Butter Naan and salad posted by one curry fanLamb chops and chicken tikka from a restaurant on Drummond Street, London
Mutton Rogan Josh ate in Delhi
Karahi Gosht Afghani Style from Spice Village in Ilford

Man stops 94-year-old woman driving wrong way on highway.

Image result for Man stops 94-year-old woman driving wrong way on highway
It's a sight no one wants to see while driving 75 miles an hour on a highway, a car coming full speed, right at you. That's what one Lubbock man saw while driving a transit van last week. He was out delivering for his job but went out of his way to help a 94-year-old woman before it was too late. Thomas Prado posted the whole encounter on Facebook and it has gone viral, with almost 2,000 likes. As a delivery driver, Thomas Prado drives over 500 miles per day. He says he's seen a lot, but nothing like this."I've never seen anything close to it," Prado said. What he saw was a 94-year-old woman driving down Highway 183 between Seymour and Mabelle, TX, on the wrong side of the road."I remember sitting there and I just thought please don't let this be her day," Prado said. "Don't let today be the day she moves on."Prado wasn't going to let that happen. He tried multiple times, but she didn't stop."It's like I don't know if she just didn't see me or just didn't understand fully what the situation was," he said. He was determined to save her, but time was ticking down as she was quickly approaching a bridge."I know the bridge is coming and I can see the bridge. All I'm thinking is that if we go over that bridge and it separates, there's no way to get across to her," he said. In a split second, Prado cut across the grass to get in front of her. Thankfully, she stopped, but he knew she was confused."I asked do you have anyone I can call and all she told me as I have a cat. When she told me that all I remember is that I thought I want to get you home to your cat," he said. Prado got her to safety and looking back at it, he wouldn't change anything."I am extremely happy I did that and how kindhearted I was putting myself in harm's way. I didn't even see it that way. Now looking back, I could have been the one got it, but I wasn't thinking, at the time my priority was her," Prado said. Since all this happened, Thomas's video has gotten over 1,500 likes and hundreds of shares. He said he doesn't want any praise, he just hopes people take his message and that's to look after the elderly in any way you can. Prado said the police told him the elderly woman is said to be okay.

Homeless vet sues couple who raised $400K for him on GoFundMe.

Johnny Bobbitt, left, with Kate McClure and Mark D'Amico
The homeless veteran who helped a stranded motorist has filed a lawsuit against the woman and her boyfriend to stop them from spending what remains from a $400,000 GoFundMe campaign they created for him, according to a report. Johnny Bobbitt, who spent his last $20 to help Kate McClure when she ran out of gas in a rough neighbourhood in Philadelphia last Thanksgiving, claims she and Mark D’Amico used the money for themselves,.McClure, 28, and D’Amico, 39, both of Florence Township, NJ, have claimed they’ve spent half the funds on housing and other expenses for Bobbitt, who has been living under a bridge and panhandling, saying they were holding the rest until he’s off drugs. An injunction application filed Tuesday in Superior Court in Mount Holly claims the couple mismanaged the funds and committed fraud and conspiracy.
Johnny Bobbitt gained worldwide attention when he used his last $20 to fill up the gas tank of stranded motorist Kate McClure
The lawsuit alleges they deposited “substantial portions of the money raised” into personal accounts and did not allow Bobbitt to access them to get off the streets.“The defendants have expended more than half of the monies raised, and they continue to deprive [Bobbitt] access to the funds that were raised for him,” according to the suit filed by his lawyers Cozen O’Connor in Philadelphia, Christopher C. Fallon, one of Bobbitt’s attorneys, said the suit was filed after D’Amico ignored several requests for a full accounting of the GoFundMe funds raised.“He’s really left us with no choice but to go forward,” Fallon said, reported. They “conspired to utilize [Bobbitt’s] money to enjoy a lifestyle that they could not afford. Defendants admitted to commingling the funds raised for [Bobbitt] in their own personal accounts and have denied [Bobbitt] access to the account,” according to the court documents. The filing alleges that D’Amico and McClure have considered the “GoFundMe account as their personal piggy bank.”The couple appeared on NBC News’ “Megyn Kelly Today” on Monday and denied allegations they pocketed a large portion of the funds meant to get Bobbitt back on his feet.They said they were protecting the interests of Bobbitt and the more than 14,000 donors by depositing the money into their own accounts to prevent him from doing drugs after he admitted to doing so. Bobbitt once blew through $25,000 cash in under two weeks, the couple claimed .“Giving him all that money, it’s never going to happen. I’ll burn it in front of him,” D’Amico recently told the paper. The couple now claim they are receiving death threats.“It’s so hard to deal with when we know we did a good thing,” McClure said, tearing up, on the show. “I would do it all over again. I would do it all over again for him.”Messages left for McClure and D’Amico by seeking comment on the lawsuit were not immediately returned. A judge is scheduled to hear the case Thursday, court spokeswoman Donna Mazzanti said.

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kiddiespost: Easyjet passengers in extraordinary mass brawl 'after woman gets breasts out'

A group of easyJet passengers have been caught 'brawling' after tempers flared on board when a woman allegedly flashed her breasts and gave lap dances. The flight was travelling from Luton to Ibiza when holidaymakers started throwing punches, pushing, shoving and tussling with each other after the plane landed. A fellow passenger recorded the drama which happened on August 2 and claims the loud 'lap dancing' woman who 'bared her boobs' was also doing 'cartwheels in the aisle' before the brawl broke out. There is no suggestion that the woman referred to is in the video. 
The incident happened on an EasyJet flight flying from Luton to Ibiza.
An easyJet spokeswoman could not confirm if they were taking further action on the matter 
Passenger Josh told UniLad: "We got on the plane and her friends were all seated at the back, and she was at the front amongst guys who were giving her more drink."She was up lap-dancing on them and she got her boobs out, and she was a mess the whole time. She was also doing cartwheels down the aisle of the plane while we were flying along."She was just drinking more and more on the flight and then when we were coming in for a landing, obviously you have to put your seat belts on, she didn’t."Josh said the woman's furious friend then tried to calm her down - but wasn't listening and started tapping people on the head.
He added: "Then the plane landed, the cabin through said no one was getting off the plane until the police arrive. Then the police came on, they took her off the plane in handcuffs and then they let us off."Josh said that although it looks like the bearded man is causing the fight, he was actually protecting his girlfriend from another woman.e also added that cabin crew "just shouted at them to stop."In a statement, the airline said: “EasyJet can confirm that a group of passengers were escorted off flight EZY2095 from Luton to Ibiza on August 2 by the police on arrival as a result of behaving in a disruptive manner."The safety and welfare of our passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority. EasyJet’s crew are trained to assess and evaluate all incidents.“Whilst such incidents are rare, we take them very seriously do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour onboard and always push for prosecution.”An easyJet spokeswoman could not confirm if they were still investigating or taking further action on the matter but said it "may have been passed onto the security team who liaise with the local authority.

kiddiespost:baby drowns in pool behind mum and desperate child tries to alert her.

Distressing footage shows a drowning toddler frantically struggling in the water for around 90 seconds while her mum sat texting just yards away. The girl, who was celebrating her first birthday, has been in a coma for a month and is now dependant on breathing apparatus to keep her alive. In the clip, a young boy in the pool with her can be seen trying to save the girl and get the mum's attention, but she waves him away and continues to use her phone. By the time she spotted her daughter drowning, the child was not breathing and had turned purple.CCTV footage from the pool shows the mum playing with the boy before turning away to use her phone. The toddler, named in Chinese media as Xiao Ai, immediately flips upside down in the pool and slips out of her swim ring. She is seen struggling in the water just a few feet from her oblivious parent. The boy in the pool tries to save Xiao Ai by reaching his hands towards her, but he cannot help her and even tries putting the swim ring above her on the pool surface. She then tries to warn her mum, with the video showing him making his way to the edge of the pool and trying to get her attention. However, the annoyed parent waves him away, leaving him helpless to save his playmate. More than 90 seconds after Xiao Ai had flipped upside down, the boy finally gets the mum's attention, and she sprints over to pluck her daughter out the water. The mum, who is believed to have the surname Wu said she tried basic chest compressions on her daughter but later rushed her to the Fujian Provincial Hospital for treatment. 
emergency department doctor Lin Shuqin said the child arrived without a heartbeat or breath sounds. Her face had also turned purple. Doctor Lin and colleague He Wen, who is head of paediatrics, managed to help the child regain her heartbeat using the emergency procedure, but she was unable to breathe on her own and has been comatose since. Wu said after the accident: "I wasn't paying attention for about a minute or two, and she must have fallen off her swim ring after losing balance. 
The manager of the kids swimming pool said their staff member was outside receiving a delivery at the time of the accident. They have offered to partially cover the girl's medical expenses said
Xiao Ai is her second child. The little boy in the video is said to be someone else's child. Earlier this week a boy in North China's Hebei province nearly died in similar circumstances after struggling in a swimming pool for two minutes. It is currently unclear if the mother is being investigated. It is also unclear if the pool is being looked into. Police are reportedly investigating


kiddiespost:Mother battled desperately to save her 10-month-old baby boy after he choked to death on a piece of apple

Benjamin Masters was on a family day out at Drusillas Park in Alfriston, East Sussex, when he started to choke on a piece of apple
A 10-month-old baby choked to death despite desperate attempts by his mother to save him after being given a piece of apple during a family day out at the zoo, an inquest heard.Benjamin Philip Masters, from Worthing, was in the picnic area with his brother Dominic and mother Lucy on April 18 at Drusillas Park, in Alfriston, East Sussex, when he started to choke on a piece of apple.Lucy, who works as a member of cabin crew, used her airline training to give her son first aid.
His mother Lucy desperately tried to save his life before park staff rushed over and started to administer first aid and CPR
The director at Drusillas Park, Cassie Pollard, provided a statement which said at around 11.20am a customer shouted that a child was choking outside Mungo's cafe at the zoo.Staff rushed over and administered first aid and CPR as the 10-month-old had gone into cardiac arrest.An ambulance was called and paramedics arrived on scene at the picnic area.aniel Hunt, from the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb), recounted in a statement how the team took over from Drusilla's staff administering chest compressions and the piece of apple was eventually removed
A family member with a touching tattoo tribute to Benjamin. The family has launched a crowdfunding page to raise money for St George's hospital in LondonBenjamin was then rushed to Eastbourne District General Hospital before being transferred to St George's Hospital in London, but sadly died there on April 24.Speaking at the inquest in Eastbourne town hall, his father Adam Masters thanked staff at Drusilla's as well as medical teams and hospital staff who worked hard to try and save his life.He said: 'I wanted to come today because, having not been present, the timeline was very jumbled. It's helped to clarify that evidence for me and have a bit of closure.'I'd like to thank everybody involved - the staff at Drusilla's and the medical team and the staff at the hospital did a fantastic job.'Coroner Alan Craze said, 'A case like this is rare and distressing for absolutely everybody. I'm sorry to have put you through it. Thank you for coming, I hope the process will give you a certain amount of closure.'
The heartbroken parents gave their permission to donate his organs to help other small childrenHe concluded an accidental death.Benjamin's parents gave their permission to donate his organs to help other small children.In a crowdfunding page to raise money for the unit in St George's Hospital which cared for Benjamin in his last days, his parents wrote, 'Our little angel donated his heart, his liver, both kidneys, pancreas and small bowel.'Nothing can fill the huge void we have in our hearts for Benjamin but we want to give something back to the team at PICU.'This page is to raise funds in Benjamins memory, to provide much needed facilities within the ward, to comfort parents when they have a seriously sick child being looked after by the dedicated PICU team.'

kiddiespost:Two men stabbed in broad daylight as 'gang of 10 teenagers storm building

I want to make it absolutely clear that Merseyside Police will not tolerate knife crime and alongside our partners, we will continue to educate our young people, enforce and act on any information given to us, to make the streets safer."I appeal to anyone who has any information in relation to this incident to contact police so we can find those responsible and bring them to justice.”Two men were stabbed when a gang of up to 10 youths stormed a building site and launched a vicious attack on workmen, according to local reports. The gang, some on push bikes, swarmed into the site in Kirkby Merseyside in broad daylight this afternoon. Both victims have been taken to hospital - a 48-year-old with back injuries and a 23-year-old with leg wounds, reports the Liverpool Echo. The attackers were described as teenagers who were all wearing black and grey clothing and riding pedal bikes They fled the scene immediately after the knife attack.CCTV, forensic and witness enquiries are now being carried out at the site, near the Farmers Arms on Moorfield, in the Tower Hill area of the town.The attack is the second shocking incident of the day in the Kirkby area, where a man in his 30s was gunned down in the early hours of this morning.The victim was shot in the legs and bum on Westhead Walk, in Northwood, at around 1.40am and is in a serious but stable condition.Appealing for details, Chief Inspector Andy Rankine said: “This is a shocking attack in broad daylight and I would urge anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or anyone fitting the description of the offenders making off from the scene to please get in touch.

kiddiespost:Ten-week-old baby girl dies after being strapped in carrier for 15 HOURS in hotel room by drunk parents

A 10-week-old baby girl died after being strapped into a car seat for 15 hours and left in a hotel room by her drunken parents, a damning report reveals. The baby, known only as 'Child M', is one of three of the couple's seven children to tragically die in the space of two years. A Wigan Safeguarding Children Board report reveals only four have survived longer than 16 months - and they still live with their parents. The shocking report revealed how Child M perished on the third day of the "high risk" family's holiday, in July 2016. It contains 11 recommendations which, if applied at the time, may have prevented the infant's "potentially predictable" death. The probe revealed how the parents had left three babies for six hours while they went boozing - only checking in on them occasionally. Authorities were aware mum and dad both struggled with alcohol, but early interventions were stood down as the mum refused permission for help. The tragic event unfolded during a four-day holiday, for which the parents had taken their six children to a resort just 35 miles from Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Twirling Theresa shows off her new moves as she joins in with a dance by Scouts on the final leg of her African tour

Theresa May (pictured today in Kenya)  dusted off her famous 'Maybot' moves again today as she joined in a dance with a group of Scouts while on the final leg of her African tour
Theresa May dusted off her famous 'Maybot' moves again today as she joined in a dance with a group of Scouts while on the final leg of her African tour. The Prime Minster strutted her stuff as she was presented with a band and a group of dancers after touring a UN building in Kenya today. She faced ridicule after awkwardly dancing with schoolchildren on the first her tour in South Africa this week. But she has shrugged off the mockery and joined in the fun again adding a new poking swimming motion to her moves. The PM copied the scouts move twirling around as they did as the band played on in the background. Asked about her dancing earlier this week, Mrs May - whose favourite song is Dancing Queen by Abba - laughed off criticisms and said: 'I suspect my dancing this morning might not make it on to Strictly.'Mrs May also tried her hand at ten pin bowling and did some kicky yuppies with a plastic football while on the trip. After the dancing break, she was given a demonstration on how to reuse plastics.The PM (pictured in Kenya today) shrugged off mockery at her earlier attempts at dancing after Twitter users had compared her moves to Peter Crouch's famous robot dance
Locals showed her how bags and bottles can be made into everyday items like balls, dolls, a dolls house, a dress and tennis rackets she smiled. She then and then bowled a ball at nine plastic bottles, achieving a strike. 'That's better than I normally do' she said. Eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to spot the latest dance video and joked that the PM looks like Peter Crouch when he does his famous robot dance goal celebration. Tim Garbutt - who has stood for the election as an independent - wrote on Twitter:  'PM May channelling her inner Peter Crouch football robot dance. And dancing around her imaginary handbag? Rocking it. Time for Change.'And Twitter user Patrick, a young Tory activist, wrote: 'Theresa May cannot be tamed! I suggest dancing onto the stage at party conference to "I will survive".'The Prime Minister is in Africa for a three-day charm offensive to drum up support for trade with Britain post-BrexitEarlier today she talked about the close security and trading ties Britain has with Kenya as she appeared alongside the country's President Uhuru Kenyatta at a press conference Striking an upbeat tone in Kenya as she wrapped up a continent-wide tour stumping for free trade, Mrs May said she wanted a 'good relationship with the EU while having the freedom to negotiate trade deals'. 
The Prime Minister (pictured today dancing in Kenya) dusted off some fresh moves as she joined in the revelry with local scouts
She rejected criticism from her former chief of staff Nick Timothy, insisting her deal would mean Britain ending free movement and leaving EU institutions. The Premier denied she was setting Britain on a track to be a 'vassal state' that follows EU rules without helping to set them.  She said: 'Chequers delivers on the Brexit vote. It does it in a way that I believe is good for the UK.'Obviously, we are in negotiations with the European Union, but I believe our proposals are not just good for the UK, but they are good for the EU as well.'Mrs May added the Chequers plan offers economic flexibility, saying: 'It ensures that we can maintain a good trading relationship with the EU while having the freedom to negotiate trade deals on our own behalf around the rest of the world.
Theresa May (pictured in Nairobi in Kenya today) did some keepy-uppies with a plastic football while on the trip The PM (pictured in Kenya today) bowled a ball at nine plastic bottles, achieving a strike. 'That's better than I normally do' she saidThe PM - who is a huge cricket fan - also tried her hand at bowling a small plastic ball on the trip 

kiddiespost: homeowner catches cheeky neighbour dumping her rubbish on his driveway

/The footage shows the neighbour approaching the driveway before appearing to dump her rubbish all over it
An incensed homeowner has taken to Twitter after his neighbour allegedly dumped her rubbish all over his driveway because she 'missed the binmen'.Faisal Aldaoudi, from Streatham in south London, has shared jaw-dropping footage of the incident which he claims shows his neighbour disposing of her rubbish all over his drive. Likening himself to super-sleuth Miss Marple, he shared a 17-second clip of the incident on the social media platform.   
The rubbish spills out of the bin in the footage - a lot of which has not even been put in a bag. Many of the items also appear to be recyclable, including pizza boxes and plastic bottlesCaptioning the video, he says: 'They don't call me Miss Marple for nothing. Caught on our CCTV. Neighbour missed the rubbish collection so clearly decided we could have the lot on our driveway.'He also tagged Lambeth Council into the tweet, hoping the footage would be brought to their attention. It's about seven seconds into the footage that the remarkable scene starts to unfold. A lady can be seen turning her green waste bin out all over the drive. =Many of the items in the bin has not even been bagged, making the clean-up job all the more difficult. On top of this many of the items appear to be recyclable. Items including cardboard pizza boxes, milk cartons and tins can be seen spilling out onto the driveway
The footage shows the rubbish left in a heap on the floor as the neighbour appears to walk away from the sceneMr Aldaoudi's video has attracted some comments since posting on Tuesday. Philip Sidaway wrote: 'That's not English behaviour, that's just pathetic behaviour. I hope they're prosecuted. 'Make sure you inform your local Cllr. Not right.'While Marilyn wrote: 'What a despicable neighbour - report them.'Lambeth Council has since responded to Mr Aldaoudi's tweet, saying: 'Hello Faisal, that's not very neighbourly behaviour.'Could you please email us with your details and a copy of the footage so that we can investigate?' Mail Online contacted Lambeth Council to see how the investigation was progressing. Cllr Claire Holland, Lambeth Cabinet Member for Environment, said: 'On the face of it, this is a blatant and shocking case of fly tipping on the public highway. 'We have a zero-tolerance approach to fly-tipping in Lambeth, which not only spoils our environment and really irritates residents, but also costs us a lot of money to clear up. 'We have contacted the person who posted the video to get further information so that we can investigate further with a view to taking robust action.

kiddiespost:Terrifying new breed of 'SUPER SNAKE' discovered.

There are thousands of the 'super snakes' in Florida already
A terrifying new species of "super snake " has been discovered and scientists have warned it can "rapidly adapt" to different habitats and "may not die out".The Burmese-Indian python DNA snakes are swarming wetlands and forests after the Indian python and Burmese python started breeding in the last 40 years. Scientists have only now discovered the result of the crossbreeding, and found the new species is capable of both climbing trees and slithering through swamps."If some animals die out because of climatic issues, there are other animals that may not die out.
Our finding that the Florida python population is comprised of distinct lineages suggests greater standing variation for adaptation and the potential for broader areas of suitable habitat in the invaded range," the researchers of the new study said. The Burmese python is one of the largest species of snake in the world and can reach almost 20ft in length. The largest ones can eat pigs, goats and crocodiles in the wild. Lighter in colour, the Indian python is usually smaller. However, they too eat mammals.
Scientists carried out the study in the USThe researchers found thousands of the new crossbreed has started to emerge in Florida Everglades but we may see populations across the world. If the Indian pythons have a wider range, perhaps these Everglades snakes now have that capability," study lead author Margaret Hunter told Miami Herald.T he researchers considered the pythons may have bred in the wild or may have been bred as pets, in a bid to create a species with more appealing colours and patterns, and then returned to the wild.

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