Gigantic 14ft python regurgitates massive monitor lizard it swallowed.

Stomach-churning footage shows the moment a 14ft python regurgitates a huge lizard it swallowed whole hours before being captured. The gigantic reptile, believed to be a Burmese python, was found by Uraiwan Seksuk slithering under broken mortar in her garden.
Uraiwan, 44, who was hanging up her clothes when she noticed the snake, called in helpers to catch the animal in the Laem Yai district of Samut Songkhram in Thailand. But rescuers didn't dare approach the 20kg reptile so they rang the police. Officers can be seen taking a hammer to the concrete in the woman's backyard, breaking away piece by piece to reveal the python hiding underneath. The rescuers eventually pounded away enough of the mortar to pull the python out, but, having had its meal disturbed, the animal proved to be aggressive and difficult to catch with the tools they had on hand. They eventually pinned it down. The officers grabbed the long snake by its tail and lifted the python with its body bulging into the boot of one of their vehicles so they could drive it away to be released back into the wild. However, the rescuers were then shocked to see the python slowly regurgitating what turned out to be a large Asia water monitor, which it had suffocated and then swallowed whole despite its size.lizard, which had yet to be digested, weighed 15kg and was 3ft in length, the officers said. The python's actions were likely due to the stress of being captured. The homeowner said she had seen snakes in her backyard before, but none so big as to swallow an entire monitor lizard.