Granddaughter celebrates grandmother’s 95th birthday with photo shoot.

These days’ birthdays are incomplete without the release of stunning photoshoots on social media. Here, the celebrant goes the extra mile in selecting the clothes, makeup artist and location that would be used in taking the pictures. A beautiful young lady has taken to Instagram to share pictures of her with her grandmother as they celebrate her 95th birthday. They looked very adorable together. The creative pictures were taken by Passion Photography. They shared the pictures on their Instagram handle with the caption: A granddaughter and grandmother. Fun themed photoshoot for grandmas 95th birthday! Such a fun themed photo shoot for grandmas 95th birthday!#aleagueoftheirown.” Their pictures were also shared on Facebook with the caption: "When you just want a photo shoot with your grandma on her 95th birthday! <3 WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE!!!"