Tara Fares, Instagram star is shot dead.

In Iraqi 22-year-old Instagram star modelTara Fares who lived in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, was shot dead in central Baghdad on Thursday has resulted in a commotion on social media. She was shot at when she was driving in her Porsche convertible through Camp Sarah district in Baghdad. Fares was a fashion trend-setter with a following of 2.7 million. She used to post pictures of her where she sported her tattoos, clothes, hair colours among other things on Instagram. One of the Twitter users said that she fell victim because of her lifestyle and fame. "I am beyond disappointed and hurt after hearing about another tragic loss in Iraq. Tara Fares, a model and social media influencer was gunned down in broad daylight in #Baghdad," said another user. "A young Iraq model was simply enjoying & loving life like other pretty girls. Unfortunately, she got shot & killed by few militants. I am truly heartbroken & saddened by such tragic news," read another comment. Fans began posting across social media after her death was confirmed, with many celebrating her outspokenness in a country that can still have conservative attitudes towards women. “Tara’s death screams discrimination, lack of freedom and rights,” wrote one fan. “Sympathy is not enough. Another tweet came out asking, "This Thursday it was Tara... Next Thursday, who will it be?" An Iraqi satirist, who has been living in exile in Jordon following death threats, Ahmad al-Basheer, condemned the killing. According to news agency AFP, Fares was based in Iraqi Kurdistan. Ahmad said, "Anyone who finds excuses for those who kill a girl just because she had decided to live like most other girls on the planet is an accomplice to her murder." Ms Fares’ body was taken to Baghdad’s Sheikh Zaid hospital at 5.45am local time. Doctors told local media she had died after suffering three bullet wounds. Iraqi Foreign Minister has ordered a probe into the murder.