Girl Guide sells out of her treats in 45 MINUTES as country rakes in almost $3 MILLION in the first day of selling.

She's being called one smart cookie. As people lined up to buy marijuana on the first day of its legalization in Canada on Wednesday, a small entrepreneur stood ready to capitalize on what could be expected to be customers' future need for a sweet snack. Nine-year-old Elina Childs brought a wagon full of Girl Guide cookies to offer the crowd outside a new cannabis shop in Edmonton, Alberta. Her dad loaded up a wagon with three cases of cookies and they walked a few blocks to the nearby cannabis store. She started walking up and down the line hawking her wares. Elina uses to sell her cookies from door-to-door, but that would take weeks. 'Last year, she got bit by a dog, it wasn't bad but we were still apprehensive,' dad Seann Childs said. Seann shared that the idea to sell the cookies came while driving past the long lines. He added: 'While driving, we saw how long the lines were at the dispensary, and we just stopped to sell the cookies there.'
In 45 minutes, Elina sold $120 (the US $91)' She didn't quite understand what the big deal was,' the father said. 'She was just selling cookies in her mind, but everyone was so happy to see her and kept congratulating her.' The United States' neighbour to the north on Wednesday became the first industrialized nation to legalize the drug after a nearly century-long ban and a two-year push by the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Most pot enthusiasts were exuberant about the end of prohibition, but a few expressed disappointment over not being able to buy the now-legal marijuana on the first day. Others baulked at the relatively high prices ranging from $5.25 in Canadian dollars in Quebec to $18.99 in Saskatchewan per gram compared to the black market that saw average prices plunge in the last year to $6.79 per gram. But Canada raked in major profits on its first day: the British Columbia made at least $41,000, Alberta made nearly $730,000, Quebec pulled in $220,500, Nova Scotia totalled 'just over $660,000 in sales,' and New Brunswick hasn't released figures yet. Even online sales accounted for $20,974 while the P.E.I Cannabis made about $152,408 in sales, according to Global News. That is roughly $2,904,267 in US dollars.