This is the most popular Halloween makeup look on Pinterest .

Hallowe'en is almost here. Which means its time to break out the pumpkins and dust off your bewitching d├ęcor and, of course, come up with some spooktacular costume ideas. Pinterest recently released their annual Pinfrights report, which included everything from some devilishly delicious Hallowe'en foods to spellbinding decoration inspiration. And while there was plenty of ideas for costumes, it was the list of the most pinned Hallowe'en makeup looks that really caught our eye. There was the standard kind of ones fairies, 'celestial' or optical illusions as well as the little-more-out-there suggestion of spiderweb eyeliner. But there was only one character to make the list of the most popular Hallowe'en makeup and she's from one of our favourite films. It turns out that Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is incredibly popular among people scouring Pinterest for some #inspo.In fact, she is the most searched for Hallowe'en look.
Looking for other Hallowe'en costume inspiration?
Here is the list of the most popular solo Hallowe'en costumes. 
Tonya Harding (+720%) 
Riverdale (+316%) 
90s Icons (+110%) 
Black Panther (+504%) 
Flamingo (+77%) 
Edna Mode (+669%) 
Mamma Mia (+1636%) 
Astrology inspired (+33%) 
Frida Kahlo (+55%) 
Cow (+680%) 
And if you're looking for a paired costume or something that you and your pals could all wear these are the most popular group costumes on Pinterest. 
Avocado toast (+245%) 
The Incredibles (+392%) 
Dinosaur family (+803%) 
Neverland (+250%) 
Carnival (+188%)