She’s lost her head! Little Girl's Headless Halloween Costume Is Too Cool and Too Creepy to Be Missed.

A little girl’s eerily realistic headless Halloween ensemble has quickly gone viral as the holiday festivities kick-off. The video shared to social media by the girl’s mother, Krystel Hwang and taken in the Philippines shows her walking in a pretty, floral dress. Instead of atop her neck, her head is perched perfectly on a platter being carried by faux arms.
The toddler’s face was painted to look ghoulish.“My super adorable headless Maya” wrote Hwang. Hwang told outlet Coconuts Manila that her daughter, Maya, is 2, and was all in for the costume.“They’re not scared because we made the costume together and my kids have watched Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube and so they know it’s fake and it’s all makeup,” Hwang told the outlet, adding that the costume is made of materials from home. She added of crafting the costume, “I ask them questions. I want them to be creative and resourceful at the same time. It’s a learning experience for all of us, too.”Other videos of Maya reveal that rather than a basket for candy, her faux neck was an open bucket meant to store the treats. Hwang also revealed more about the process on Instagram, writing, “For those who are asking…Yes, I did make her headless costume. Maya has been excited and super game with everything even when I had to wrap her with strips and strips of duct tape to form the fake body. What a trooper!”Maya’s older sister got in on the fun too. Hwang told Coconuts Manila that her daughter Charlie, 6, was dressed like a butcher. Of people’s reactions to the costume, Hwang admitted that there were some “second looks.”She told Coconuts Manila, “They were amazed how it was even possible, but in the end, they all think it’s cute and very smart.”