Michigan Hospital Dresses Up Its Tiniest Patients for Halloween.

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The Henry Ford Health System welcomed its neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) patients to their first Halloween in the sweetest possible way with colourful costumes for each of the babies.“Our Henry Ford Hospital NICU patients are ready for Halloween!” the team wrote on Facebook in a post that quickly gained thousands of likes and retweets.“Our NICU team handmade cute costumes to get these little ones in the spooky spirit for their first Halloween. What’s your favourite costume?” the post said. The adorable costumes at the Michigan hospital included a mermaid, a fox, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, a flower, Batman, a pumpkin, a Crayola crayon, and popcorn. In the background of some photos, jack-o’-lanterns spelt out NICU. In the comment section, people shared pictures of their own babies in Halloween costumes and were quick to praise the hospital’s efforts.“You [can’t] pick one…all those babies are winners! Winning the battle of premature birth or other reasons beyond their control. NICU babies are the strongest humans I know,” one person wrote.“They are all so sweet! Thanks to the nurses who made the costumes and dressed them up! Their families will remember [their] first Halloween forever,” another person said.“It takes a phenomenal, dedicated team of caring nurses and others to pull this off,” another said. “GREAT JOB HFH NICU! You’re making Halloween a bit more bearable for the parents of these precious tiny little ones.”