3 Black Child Prodigies ‘Under 14’ Who Have Attained First Degree Honours.

The common reaction they receive is shock or disbelief. This is because in most countries it is uncommon to see people under 14 going to college. But for these child prodigies, breaking the educational status quo is their stock-in-trade. While their peers are still learning their timetables, they have gone ahead to achieve the unthinkable. Here are 3 black children who have joined an elite list of young scholars around the world.
Esther Okade: At age 10, this British Nigerian became one of UK’s youngest university student when she started studying Maths degree at the Open University in 2015. She said at the time that she would love to finish the course in two years and proceed to do her PhD in financial maths when she is 13.“I want to have my own bank by the time I’m 15 because I like numbers and I like people, and banking is a great way to help people,” she said .Okada has always been ahead of her peers in school. She developed a flair for figures right after she began homeschooling at the age of three. By four, she had moved to algebra and quadratic equations. The Maths genius at the time also began writing a series of maths workbooks for children.
Kimora Hudson: She was enrolled at the University of West Georgia in 2017 when she was just 13, making her the youngest enrolled at the school. She is studying biology, biology lab and public speaking and expected to complete in two years. When Hudson was three or four months old, she started forming words, her mother recently said in an interview. The genius currently has her own blog that touches on school, haircare and life. The native of Douglasville, Georgia said that she would want to inspire others with her unique story, particularly, young black girls. In future, Hudson would want to become a surgeon, psychologist, biologist or a veterinarian.
Carson Huey-You: The boy genius left high school eight years early at the tender age of 10. He was just 11 when he began studying physics, as well as maths and Chinese at Texas Christian University (TCU). This made him the youngest student to graduate from TCU. In May last year, at the age of 14 he earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics. The young prodigy was ready by the age of one and was doing algebra by the age of 5, according to his parents. At age 10, he scored a near-perfect 1770 on his SAT exams. Huey-You plays classical piano and is a speaker of Mandarin Chinese.