Odd news of 2018 that were mind-boggling.

Odd news of 2018 that were mind-boggling - Face2Face Africa
It would be an incomplete year if nothing odd took place. Across the world, headlines featured some of the weirdest stories that made readers take a double look.
Identified only as Treasure, the black teenager during a popular television show Dr Phil, shocked everyone over her love for the KKK and for the fact that she wants to be identified as white, insisting that she is “completely and utterly” better than black people.
A South African woman was found alive in a mortuary in Gauteng province after she had earlier been declared dead by paramedics. She was discovered by a mortuary attendant who had gone to double-check the bodies. After the attendant discovered she was breathing, she was rushed to nearby hospital. 
Zambian girl, Winnie Lufunja was presumed dead and buried two years ago after an illness. She has now resurfaced in her family home in Ndola to the shock of her parents and people in the community.
About 75 goats and sheep were bundled together in New Jersey ready for auction and slaughter. The night before the auction, something happened: they escaped! Locals are blaming another goat for helping his mates to escape the slaughterhouse.
When three criminals in Nigeria planned to kidnap a pharmacy owner on Sunday, they did not anticipate the plan would end the way it did. The three had stormed into a pharmacy in Owo but before they could do anything, one of them popped a pill called tramadol, which is an opioid pain medication used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. He ended up sleeping as his friends fled but he never woke up he died. 
Pictures of a donkey adorned with black and white patterns similar to that of a zebra have gone viral. Many are speculating that the Egyptian zoo where the picture was taken had painted several donkeys to appear as zebras.
When 18-year-old Zemarcuis Devon Scott was arrested at Texarkana Regional Airport in Arkansas on July 4, he said he wanted to fly a stolen plane to attend a rap concert in a different state. Scott was caught sitting in the pilot’s seat at 2:30 am.
Chinaka Adoezuwe, a traditional healer in Nigeria, was confident of his bullet-proof charms when he asked one of his customers to test their effectiveness on him. But things did not go as expected for the 26-year-old healer after he ended up being shot dead.
A Kenyan man was apprehended for killing cats along the railway lines at the outskirts of Nakuru town. According to him, he has been engaged in selling cat meat samosas for the past eight years and has managed to make over 500,000 Kenyan shillings ($4,955) from his business. 
The final nail in the coffin is the burial of the dead in cars which a Nigerian man, only named as Azubuike, allegedly pulled off recently to bid his father a luxurious farewell. Photographs of a burial ceremony purported to be in Anambra State in Nigeria showing the deceased being lowered into a grave in a BMW has been trending online with a lot of comments condemning the act.