THAT'S A WRAP People brand present-mad mum ‘selfish’ and ‘disgusting’ over pile of gifts so big you can barely see the Christmas tree.

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A MUM who has bought so many presents you can barely see her Christmas tree has been branded ‘disgusting’ and told to donate some. Emma Tapping, from the Isle of Man, is known for her over-the-top pile of gifts, spending months stockpiling presents. She buys hundreds of gifts for her kids costing thousands and has even appeared on a Channel 5 documentary Xmas Excess: Parents Splash The Cash. Photos of her mountain of presents swamping the Christmas tree go viral and this year it's no different. But the mum claims it’s all worth it when she sees the faces of her children her daughters Mia and Ella, and her youngest Tatum on Christmas morning. Emma revealed to The Sun last year she’d splurged £2,000 on 350 gifts and it looks like she’s topped her tally this year. The mum-of-three has proudly shared her pile of presents with her 15k followers on Instagram. Posting a photo of this year’s haul on social media, only the top of the tree visible under the pile of gifts. But people have branded the mum “disgusting” for her extravagant purchases. One person commented: “So many people have nothing you should donate them.“Personally, I think this is ridiculous who needs this many it’s just selfish.”Another person agreed, posting: “Pretty sure you’re losing sight of what Christmas is actually about with all those gifts. As the big day approached Emma shared a video of her house in the run-up to Christmas, saying: “Even though I’m putting a picture of my tree this year I thought I’d show you what it’s like when we bring all the boxes of presents in to put under the tree.
”Her partner, James, 43, has previously said putting the gifts under the tree is like “moving house”.Emma previously said: “What I love about Christmas is the magic of it, and it’s family time for me, it’s about being with my loved ones and I love seeing their faces when I give them gifts.“I do go overboard at Christmas, definitely.“It’s loads of pressies, loads of food, stuffing your face and just relaxing, having a good old day.“If you ask me do I spoil my kids, I would say at Christmas, yeah I do, but I don’t spoil them throughout the year.”When it comes to the big day itself, reflecting on previous Christmases, she said: “For all that’s been said about us and what we’ve been through, this morning made it all worth it.“Just seeing their little faces, and everyone was happy it was great.”Emma has also defended the cost of the presents, claiming she spots bargain buys and doesn’t get herself into debt despite the cost of the tower of gifts. She has even set up a Facebook page, TappingSave, to share thrifty tips, saying she is: “Dedicated to finding the best deals, bargains, freebies and competitions to save you money!