British businessmen cheat death when their car is smashed by a TRAIN after getting stuck on a railway crossing

In the shocking clip, the Volkswagen can be seen on the level crossing as the train driver desperately pulls on the whistle
Three British businessmen cheated death when their car was smashed by a train after getting stuck on a railway crossing at Davos.Footage of the shocking incident in Switzerland shows the train approaching the stationary car while desperately whistling to alert the passengers to its approach.The locomotive then ploughs into the Volkswagen at speed, carrying it away.
The train then crashes into the car, sending it flying
Miraculously, the three businessmen inside were not injured
The car got caught between the two barriers due to a traffic build up around the tiny Swiss town. As the driver tried to get the car off the level crossing, the tyres started spinning on the ice, leaving them trapped.The terrified passengers were forced to brace for the impact of the train - but somehow survived, without any injuries. The ruined car was pushed to the side of the tracks by the train, and photos from the scene show the extent of the impact.Two of the men climbed out of the vehicle after the crash, but had to help the third out after being trapped in the backseat by a child lock, reports the Mirror. A spokesperson police said that no one was injured, but added that 'if you are in such a situation, leave the car as soon as possible and call emergency the number'.The three British businessmen had been attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. This year, the world-renowned event was attended by the likes of Angela Merkel and Prince William. 
  The car between stuck at the crossing when the tyres starting spinning on ice, leaving the three men trapped