Study reveals that women are actually better drivers

If we had a euro for every time we heard a remark about "women drivers", we'd be very wealthy right now. From not being able to parallel park to not looking where we're going because we're "applying lipstick" to just, in general, being seen as a lot less adequate behind the wheel compared to the opposite sex, we've heard it all. But now, new research suggests that women are actually better drivers than men. Oh, do tell more. According to a new study from, they analysed insurance, crime and driving test statistics to see who came out on top as the best drivers and yep, you guessed it, it was the female folk. 
When it comes to driving, the data revealed that women as a whole commit less driving offences, they're more likely to abide by the law and they're actually involved in fewer accidents which means they cost insurers less when they make a claim. In fact, the only area of the study where men triumphed was when it came to getting their licenses. More men pass their driving test on the first go compared to women, the study reads. But, you know what they say, practice makes perfect and we're clearly living proof of that.