CCTV Footage Captures Man Nicking The Lights From A Police Car.

Another still from the CCTV footage of the thief. Credit: SWNS
Police have launched a search for a brazen thief who nicked off with the blue strip light from the top of a police car. Seriously, that's a pretty dumb move, to begin with. When you factor in the fact that he was captured by loads of CCTV cameras as well, it seems even more stupid. Either way, the footage from the security cameras shows the thief walking off with the cylindrical blue police light from the top of a British Transport Police car looking pretty damn happy with himself. It's hard to imagine him being that happy when the coppers eventually lay their hands on his shoulder. You'd have to think that it can't be that far away from the day on which that happens. The incident happened at around 4:30am on Boxing Day outside Sunderland Train Station. It's probably fair to assume, then, that drink had been taken by this point. In fact, it's probably safe to assume that of anyone outside Sunderland train station in the wee small hours of the morning. However, this is doubly true for people who are out and about on Boxing Day morning. Christmas Day can be a long day for many of us when you consider that you have fizzy wine for breakfast and barely stop all day. That being said, most of us manage to get through to the evening without stealing stuff off the top of a cop car, mind. The man in question was wearing red Nike trainers, navy blue tracksuit bottoms, and a lighter blue tracksuit top. Officers are appealing to anyone who might know who the man is or have any other information about the incident at all. Since the incident, the British Transport Police have issued a statement. A spokesperson for the force said: "Officers have today released CCTV images of a man after police lights were stolen from a car at Sunderland Railway Station."The incident happened at 4.29am in December 2, 2018."Officers believe the man shown in these CCTV images may have information which could help their investigation."Excellent. You'd have to be pretty confident that the man in the video footage would be more than capable of providing information as to what happened. After all, walking off with a police light over his shoulder and a huge grin on his face is about as much of a dead giveaway as you'll see.