Bride surprises her best friend by turning bouquet toss into emotional marriage proposal.

This bride wanted to share the joy of her big day with her best friend. So, just when she was about to toss the bouquet, she paused and handed it to her BFF instead! Canadian bride, Jess Nakrayko didn’t mind if her best friend stole the limelight at her wedding.
This selfless bride just wanted her “BFF” to be happy just like her so much so that she “hatched a plot” to surprise her longtime best friend, Jessica Kieley, on her own wedding day! On her wedding, held in Jamaica, Nakrayko had invited all her friends and relatives, who flew all the way from Canada, to grace the occasion. Of course, her best friend, Kieley, and her boyfriend, Adam Brake, were also among the attendees. The wedding was gleeful and everyone was in high spirits. The mood was exceptionally exuberant toward the end. The last highlight of the day when Jess was preparing to toss the bouquet, the music suddenly changed from “Man I Feel Like A Woman” to “Marry Me” by Bruno Mars. All the girls eagerly waited, expecting to catch the tossed bouquet, but Nakrayko did something out of the ordinary! Instead of tossing the bouquet, Nakrayko passed it to Kieley, and everyone watched the scene unfolding in front of them in bewilderment.“It was like there was no one else in the room beside me and her as I approached her and we locked eyes,” Nakrayko said. “She figured out what was going on. It brought me to tears. The happiness she experienced made me even happier with my core. I had my love and now she was starting her love story. Almost like I was passing a love torch to her!”Nakrayko asked Kieley to turn around. Brake had come into the picture! He did what Nakrayko and her sister, Meaghan Lee, had planned. He went on one knee and proposed to the love of his life, Kieley, with an engagement ring! His gesture caught Kieley and everyone unawares! Kieley was startled. The emotional Kieley gave Brake and Nakrayko a warm embrace. Nakrayko, Kieley, and some of the guests were moved to tears!“Everyone in the entire room was shocked, happy, crying, everything,” she said. This beautiful moment was captured by Calgary-based photographer Ross Dance, hired by Nakrayko. Ross’s Instagram page for this moment captured on camera reads: “One of the most beautiful and unselfish things I’ve ever witnessed shooting weddings.”“Just her face alone, her reaction alone was worth it. I was like, I’m done, she can have it from here on out,” Nakrayko said. What Nakrayko did for her best friend was the most beautiful way to conclude her wedding! There’s nothing more delightful than sharing your joy with your friends! It was also Nakrayko’s way to honour her friend and express gratitude to Kieley for all the efforts she had put into organizing her wedding.“I knew that sharing my day would show her my love and appreciation and also I was then able to see her in the happiest moment of her life,” Nakrayko said, “It was one of the most powerful and lovely things I’ve ever witnessed.“I have true love with my husband and to see my best friend have that too, of course, I wanted to share!”
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