Husband’s loving remarks go viral when wife goes out first time without wig.

A full head of hair is often a woman’s greatest accessory, but what about if you don’t have any hair? It was a sad childhood for one girl, but eventually, she became strong and confident enough in herself that she could finally go without that wig she had been wearing for so long. Alopecia, or hair loss, is caused by an autoimmune disease where the body turns against the hair follicles and attacks them. Dakita Gaspaire has had alopecia since she was 9 years old, and over the years, she has worn a variety of wigs to hide her “secret.”When she met her husband-to-be, Justin, he loved her regardless. He was proud to tell the world about the first time they went out together bald, on Sept. 11, as he called the two of them “bald eagles,” being bald himself as well.“My wife went out with me for the first time without a wig. She was diagnosed with scarring alopecia(hoping I spelt that correctly) years before I met her. I can remember the first time she showed me pics that she was bald.“I remember the first time she showed me her bald head in real life. I remember the first pic we took together with her being bald. And now I will always remember the first time we went out together bald,” Justin shared on VictoryToday’s Facebook page. It is clear the couple have a strong bond and love each other unconditionally, so a lack of hair is not something the couple take too seriously. They are both an inspiration to others who feel self-conscious about some part of their body. It is what’s on the inside that counts.