TODDLER GRAPE DEATH Boy, 3, chokes to death on a GRAPE.

 Grapes are a hazard to children, and should be cut in half before being served
A THREE-YEAR-OLD boy tragically choked to death seeing-in the New Year at his home in a bizarre Spanish tradition. The Spanish believe that by eating 12 grapes as the clock chimes each stroke of midnight you ward off bad fortunes.
Police raced the child to a hospital in the resort city of Gijon, on the Bay of Biscay, but attempts to revive him failed. The child was from a migrant family from Ecuador. The superstition dictates that each grape represent one of the good months ahead. Families usually do not let very young children take part, expressly because it is an increased challenge for them to a dozen grapes so quickly. Children choke on grapes every year because their shape and smooth sides make them a perfect fit for wedging in a child’s windpipe. Official advice is to cut grapes up before serving them to children for this reason. A similar tragedy struck in 2016 when a tot choked to death on a grape in a fast-food restaurant. watch video on Child First Aid: How to save a choking child